Monday, July 9, 2012

Keeping it simple

Nothing like doing full on study to reshuffle priorities in your mind. After having my beautiful brother and 6 of his 7 children come to visit. I had the chance to go around to the shops and style the whole family. They did look amazing by the time they left, with their looks a few well cut jeans and tops and frocks for the girls and they were set,.

 So do we really need lots of clothes is it something about the art of a score that makes us have that feeling of satisfaction. I know I get fidgety if I don't have new designs or fabrics coming in. But the shops were crammed with lots of way less than inspiring fashions. Lots of ill fitting clothes, way too tiny, one shop didn't go past 12, and synthetics. Global warming is not a catch phrase. Corn uses more water than cotton and we grow 10 times more corn to feed cattle. So my point is, hang out for the good stuff. Spend a little more for something that has a great cut and style. Don't just consume honour yourself by buying things that fit well, goes with at least a couple of things in your wardrobe. Eat well, call your family at least once a week and read a good book.

 Get inspired about a cause, take time to cook a great meal, learn something new. All these things are what makes for a great life, move more towards the things that inspire you and away from the things that bring you down. Keep
It's simple. Be inspired and inspiring and if we do all of this I think we may just leave this world better than we found it. Check out the story of stuff website. We must be on the same wavelength as her post is what I am talking about. If you are going to buy, buy from the little guys as that money stays in our community.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Cleaning your wardrobe part 1

I promise I will get together to do a little you tube video of this so you can see what I am talking about but this will give you study material to work with.

Through the past few style consultations I have done there is one theme that stands out. Everyone keeps their work clothes with their everything else clothes. Now if you love your job and you wear anything you like and wear your casual smart clothes to work then this isn't going to be such a big do, but keeping your work specific clothes seperate is an easy way to start on your wardrobe. Also take notes on clothes that you don't wear due to it needing repairs. Get onto those, either sweet talk some lovely person in your life with cake and tea and a chat while they do your repairs, make it fun or bundle it into a deal for a local sewer maybe semi retired. If you love it fix it, if you don't then throw it, take note what you paired it with and keep an eye out for a replacement next shop. Put a note in your wallet so you remember.

Ok that's it for today, each little step will get you feeling more confident in what you shop for and wear. You will also save money and time when you know what you have and need.

Happy Monday.


Monday, May 28, 2012

Some inspiring things that light my day

As part of my first unit assignments I had to build a web presence on something I was interested in and that was styling. I've had so much fun styling a few select clients this past month and it has inspired me to resume my styling sessions in store at the collective store.
As I wanted to do a few shots from the Satorialist I emailed to ask permission and I got a reply. I think that made everything amazing for me that day. So here is my shot and others from unknown sources and vogue magazine. Enjoy and I hope it inspires your day.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

New designs in the playground

I have been looking at my wardrobe and contemplating what designs I would really love to jump out at me.. So I have been scouting the web to find some inspiration.
Tunics have definitely caught my eye.
Vintage market place have been my play places to discover styles I like and the op shops locally.

Wiki body types

Through doing some uni work tonight I found this Wikipedia link, it's worth a read.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Feather fashion

You know I have been keeping an eye on this trend and it's one you can subtly add to your wardrobe or not. But there are some clever little bunnies offering some reasonably priced alternatives to high end prices. So check them out.
Wild heart jewellery again another fb business.

Also crystal drop necklaces I live these I have found them on lost.found.made Facebook page.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Update your wardrobe

Now that we are getting into a new season it is about pulling together all different looks. I love revamping my wardrobe with the simple things, a new bracelet, new scarves hello mountain of already existing one's or a pop of the new season colour. Or even more mundane is replacing a staple piece in a new colour to spice up the combo's.
The one thing, or one of the things that the GFC has been good for is to slow down this over the top spending. Pausing before you buy is a good thing, even having too many clothes can cause stress on some level. So window shop to your hearts desire and then when you see that piece that just makes you loose all common sense you will know that that will have many seasons with you.
I am loving the chunky bracelets at the moment, a good place to go in the Valley is Stone and Metal, she has amazing jewelry at great prices. It's like the Collective Store of metal artists of silver and gold and semi precious stones. They are having a Marie Clare Up Late in the Valley on the 29th and so is our own little Collective Store at Wynnum. So dust off you bunny tails and get in some Easter retail therapy before the school holiday boom hits.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Zen Pencils

I subscribe to some really awesome blogs and newsletters and I always try to keep them positive.. For if we do not master the mind the rest of our day just goes to shit... I did 4 years of study of Acupuncture with an awesome group of teachers and it wasn't just all about Acupuncture.. I was about how our organs and our thoughts reflect our health and habits..
So these things keep me on track to keep striving even when the wave seems to have me rolling on the sand and getting slammed..
It's no walk in the path but each little interruption I give to a negative thought takes it's power away.. So here is today's little inspiration and I hope you love it as I think this guy has a big future in the way he reflects his art through positive quotes by famous people..

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Dressing the slim, athletic body type..

No matter which Style book you look at they will all say the same thing about this figure type.. Adding curves and shape is the most important factor to keep an eye on.. So ruffles, detail, bows, anything you can think of really that will give you detail.. You want to keep away from short crop tops etc that will accentuate the fact that you are straight up and down.. Also you want to go against the verticle line rule as that will not do you justice..
So what to look for, is designs that will give you shape, bias cuts are good for you as the magic of this cut makes the fabric move a bit more while you are wearing it.. Pencil cut skirts done the right way will also add some shape for you..
Slim cut pants - look for one's with pockets on the back as well if you can, trapeze style dresses, florals and graphic prints..
Any body type will have an asset they love and something they don't so make sure when you are looking out for new wardrobe pieces that you take that into account too.. It is never just black and white..
The perfect neck line for you is the wrap top, vneck and boatline, add a little padded bra here and there but don't be locked into them.. Allow ruffles and details to help you there.. My vneck vintage ruffle frock is good for ladies with curves and without.. Pick the right size and it is the magic frock..
Also look out for full circle skirts, accentuate your top with a vneck top with that one and you can go all out at the drop waist styles as well as this will throw off any perceptions about being small on top.. They will be blown away by your style..
With your swimmers keep to the detail rule, opt for the padded bikini or if there aren't any that light your fire then go with one that has tassles or ruffles..
If you are a bit on the tall side either go for floor length or below the knee length, what you can really rock is to wear that mid calf length..
There is no such thing as the perfect figure really, as it varies for everyone what your ideal is, though if you have the perfect wardrobe you can look hot in anything you wear..

Saturday, January 28, 2012

How to rock the Pear Body.

This photo tells it all for the Pear shape, voluptuous hips and small waist and upper body.. So with any body type focus on your assets always, so for you it is your small waist, arms and your legs.
There is a great trick in styling, to shrink the widest part of the body if you make sure the garment you are wearing cuts right in the middle of it, it will appear smaller.. So take that into account when you are trying on Jackets or shorts depending on where your widest part is for you.
Your staples should be either Aline or full circle skirts, your best cut frock is sleeveless or spaghetti strap styles that flare into an Aline or full skirt...
The optimum pant is the wide leg pant to cover the thigh and to have a relatively flat front, try a slight flare on the bottom to give a balance to your shape.. This will make your legs look longer and leaner, also keep an eye on back pockets as one's that are too small do you no favour neither do too big ones..
Go all out on your tops, that's where your assets are, if you are happy with your arms show them off either by wearing sleeveless designs or by wearing fitted sleeves.
You can pull off the turtle neck, again this flatters you shape at the top, Blazers, remember to keep an eye on the length.. Wide collared shirts are great, or draping tops with rouched or puffed sleeves which will give the perception of the hourglass shape..
Avoid; cargo pants or one's with a lot of detail.. I think everyone should as there are so many other casual pants out there that do so much for you but everyone has a personality that is individual and if you love it, you can wear it.. Keep away from too detailed patterned pants, that just add bulk also don't go cream or light coloured, there are so many other colours that will do you more favours.. Try Turquoise it is actually just as slimming as Black but not as well known..
Try them out, play a little, experiment and not just once, there are so many different fabrics out there. Take the time to explore..
Ideal swimmers for you, high cut on the thighs elongates the legs, go darker, a cool navy looks so stylish and if you can get one with a little slash in the neckline you may be able to pull it off as a top under pants. If it is a one piece go for one with padding, every little bit helps.. Other than that go for embellishments like ruffles, ruching and bold prints and colours on bikini's on top and keep it a solid colour on bottom..
Depending on how your Pear shape manifests there are also rules you can bend.. So go try out these shapes and more.. Think in basic shapes to start and then get more adventurous as you go, i.e. pencil skirts in the right cut..
Designs in my range you can rock are Corset frock, Aline skirts, pleat tops, silk slip, grace pants, or shorts, Bermuda's, Marchella skirt, Nina Pants when they are restocked. Cowl tees are coming and there are lots of frocks coming through like the new Kira Frock, etc.. Happy styling..

Monday, January 23, 2012

Dressing for your Apple Body Type..

Ok so this number is not really correct but I do love the voluptuous Barbie.
Okay so the basic way to determine whether you are an Apple body type it comes down to one simple question.. Do you carry your weight in your middle..? Ok there maybe some on your arms, thighs etc but do you have a waistline? You do not have to be a big woman to be an apple, I am an apple purely because my beautiful babies seemed to train my body that now when I carry weight it goes to my tummy..
So let's get to the basics now on how to get the best out of our beautiful figures that we have right now..
Staples: you should have cute Aline shifts, short skirts, blouses with a gently shaped waistline.. wrap shirts, wrap frocks and wide leg or bootleg pants... I am working on more aline shifts this coming round of designs and a funky blazer that will suit all body types but it is definitely good for Apples.. also long fitted tops and jumpers that fall to the hips.. It elongates the waists.
Go for patterns on your bottoms, bohemian tunics are super cool.. also go for fine knits like Cashmere, it gives you the warmth but not the bulk..
Your best cut dress would be an empire cut waist, something that fits under the bust, please don't for shirring frocks as they don't last quality wise.. It is to have an aline or flared skirt.. The corset frock is perfect for every body type as it shows off the sexy neckline and pulls you in under that bust and billows out softly depending on the fabric..
Avoid; bold patterns on the top, focus away from your middle, hence the detail in the pants, shiny fabrics, they are synthetic anyway and will pill after a few washes.. short jackets or waists that skim the waistline, unless you wear it up all the time and with something fitted on the bottom then yes you can get away with it.. Chunky knits, well you know why.. Tapered pants are evil, you can wear skinny jeans if you have great legs and can add a wedge to the outfit, but remember keep your attention down low..
Necklines; now necklines you should work towards are a cowl neck, hello sexy, a scoop again that neckline is always flattering no matter what you size.. then also the fave the Vneck, it elongates your torso..
Ok so play in the dressing rooms for a while, try on things you would normally say no to and don't buy too big a size.. Showing off your shape is always the right way to go.. Enjoy.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Getting it right first time...

So when we go shopping do we really know what we are looking for or are we hoping that something will leap out and catch our eye.. Yes it is fun that way, sometimes you come home with a booty of goodies but some days are just not as productive.. But if you know what you are looking for you can feel assured that you didn't waste money..
So to be able to do that you need a little info to help you to be sure..
Almost 80% of women do not know their cup size, that's insane..
So when you know what your body type is and your asset then you get a first step insight into how to shop smart.. It's not all you need but its a great start..
Ok so to work out your bust size you need to work out your band measurement put the tape around your back, under your arms and take the measurement above your bust.. Along the flat part of your chest above your bust.. Then go across you nipples and the difference between the above and across will give you your cup size..
1" = A, 2" B, 3" C, 4"D, 5"DD etc..
Mine is a 36B. It takes all the guess work out of shopping and makes you feel like you know what you are doing.. There are difference types of bra's and I think for B cups upwards a Balconette Bra is divine, it allows your cleavage to gently fall into place and also make you look like you have truly alot more than it seems.. Bigger busts go for the higher cut bra as it will give you support plus make your bust look smaller.. Small busts go for a high cut bra as well with a little padding, not too much, just a little.. your tops should fit your bust based on your size and the cut you choose to flatter your neck line..
Keep this info in a diary or in notes on your iphone.. You need it where you can access it so go iPhone..
Start with the under garments and everything else you throw over will work a dream..

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012 the next Adventure begins..

There is lots of talk of goals but I have found last year that I kind of lost my way by mid way through the year because I had achieved my goals or the goal posts had changed.. Thus I no longer want that anymore as some of my goals looked so foreign to me by the middle of the year I was wondering what was a I thinking in Jan.. The mind is fickle and to put it under so much pressure in January when your brain is fried from the previous year's crescendo just seems like another chore..
So how bout we instil new principles to live by for the year.. That seems like a doable low pressure thing, then as bright opportunities come up during the year then we can take them and run with them without having guilt of not sticking to the plan we set after a hazy holiday..

So I read a few blogs regularly, will do more this year as I really want to improve my blogging and social media aspect of my business.. And I came across this great little piece of wisdom.. It's the 10 rules to success, I feel it has enough within it to inspire you and to also give you a good structure to work from..

I posted it on my FB page as I am so not tech savvy enough to work out how to link it but will have it on my facebook page soon.. Otherwise I will put an inspiration page on my website..

For me some of the important things I am aiming for is being more present in my relationships with my family and friends.. Heading up north or making more phone calls home and being relaxed when my kids come home from school and being ready with some fun projects for us to do.. Putting more effort into making life within the home a lot more fun and enjoying the simple life..

Also with my business, spending more time designing and getting into the fun of it all. Rather than it being a business to me it is a creative process and I have lost a bit of that in 2011.. So getting back to designing and getting into handmade circles that is where I am going..

I'm very excited about this year as I feel I have a much more balanced outlook.. Starting the year with a stroll..

See you soon,