Thursday, February 10, 2011

Websites Inspiring Me..

The world is an amazing place with so many awesome people making beautiful things to inspire us, to make our lives easier and to create the sense of openess that no matter where we live the opportunities are created equal for all..

I have been researching cool things in New York and the US really and a few in the UK.. So here we go in checking them out..

This website, below, does man bags on a whole new level, I want one. They are cool and practical. The goal to shopping well is buying something of high quality that you know will last. Then you are adding to your collection of goodies instead of being in the throw away society..

This site does amazing jackets for guys..

I know so far guys things but hey, nothing is a better than having your man looking hot by your side. Plus imagine your pooled potential when you are both looking smokin and feeling good about yourselves. No limits..

Also for just a look in on what is happening in New York Fashion week which is on right now. Check out

They are all over it..

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The thoughtful Dresser

On the weekend I was hanging with Rachael, and she came across this article in a fashion mag, just a small corner that wrote about this woman's book. I thought what an amazing title so I googled her and the review in the London Age was amazing so I bought it and have been studying it all week.

Not only is this book about history, back to the 1800's but it is about how women and men coped with life during some of the hardest times in history..

Eg. A madame was captured in northern France for harbouring allies and was sent to Ravensbruick concentration camp, whilst inside she befriended a lady who worked for Schiaperelli design house. Thus when she was eventually set free her striped uniform had been contoured to fit her elegantly so even though she wore it, it didn't wear her..

Hairdressing salons still operated with minimal supplies to keep women's hair coiffed during and after the war. Just the act of having their hair washed and dried and set gave that woman the strength to go on to get life back to normal. After the mass rape of women in Berlin, women walked 12miles and came to a village, the hair dresser had 1 mirror and 1 hairdryer, he set about to wash their hair numerous times to get all the mud out of their hair. Though when he was finished those women had something of themselves back.

In times of travail it is known that the concept of fashion has helped society move on, rebuild and renew.. There are many examples of such stories in this book. It validates that the human spirit finds something of itself liberated through this individual form of self expression and distraction. There is more to fashion than what is portrayed in magazines etc, it is food for the soul, the desire to be a woman is always strong.

The first department store was the first step towards women becoming independent, without necessarily needed a chaperone. Women's public places were now beauty salons and department stores. Working women were put into proximity to nice things, perfumes, nice clothes etc which got them away from just domestic service. This was one of the many stepping stones to eventually allow women to vote..

So this book proves on paper that fashion has a very important place in life.. A tool for rebellion, liberation, expression and therapy.

There are many inspirational thoughts about fashion in this book I am sure I will drawing from it inspiration for many topics to come..