Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sizing it all up

Just been reading the Satorialist looking for some inspiration on what the international people are doing.. Which he never disappoints.
When I was scrolling down I came upon his writing on this woman that he had thought to describe as curvy. At first I couldn't pick which women he was talking about, she is wearing black in the second shot and then the denim in the first, yes I was coming from the bottom of the page. Both times she is wearing wedges which helps give her balance to her so called extra weight.. He got some backlash by calling her curvy, which she is a little curvy, in a healthy and ever so slight way.
What we fail to realise is that each era, each time frame of fashion and society has a way which has an acceptable way to look. Victorian era, Rubenesque, 50's, 60's, and now.. It's just today we have so many ways that is acceptable it is our time now to discover who and how we want to be and sometimes that freedom can be overwhelming.. Though I find that we are quick to judge and chastise those who are fearful of or need to label who a person is.
Do you need to fit a mould?
Does that determine who you are and want to be?
I think time and emotion are wasted on what is deemed pretty or desirable. When being in the moment, enjoying the people you have and following a passion or two, is something that will liberate yourself and every woman you come by..
The corset was thrown away a long time ago I just think at times we still are settling into that freedom..

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Happy in my skin

I have just been to Bangkok for a recent buying trip for fabrics for my range.. This gave me a great opportunity to look at the world of fashion as a customer.. Trying on 8 pairs of jeans to almost walk out in vein, I was so sure that this shop was my kind of place, then as I left I saw them, the one's. Stretch cotton, oh yeah, skinny leg but not too low cut, little split on the side, divine, please oh please fit.. Winner..

What became apparent to me is that what I offer in my range is quite unique and diverse.. I found it so hard to find a pair of pants that suited my voluptuousness, let's face it no matter how much weight I loose I have thighs and a booty. Thus I came to the conclusion, I love who I am and how I look. My thighs carry me to the places I need to go, my booty well that is part of me, I am a woman.. I have a daughter and therefore a responsibility to teach her the positives about body image.. So my range suits my lifestyle, I don't think I am unique, so therefore I think it fits most...

I eat my salads, I grill my fish but I enjoy my chocolate and my other little treats. Sweets are like a moment when timed right hold such a great, fun memory, I am still raving about the Tiramisu I had in Bangkok..

So I design for a woman's figure, arms, boobs, booty and height, to create designs that give the freedom to look glam whilst being efficient.. I look at my range with love and pride knowing that what I do in my small way allows women to walk in the world with that little bit more confidence.. I know when I wear my clothes I know I am at my best, I hope that what the clothes do for you is that and just a little bit more..

Today in the markets I saw the light shine in ladies faces as they stepped out of the change room to see their reflection, and love it.. I think I took that a little for granted for a while but I am humbled today by women of all shapes and sizes finding their happy place..

Thank you..