Thursday, December 16, 2010

Summer person colour options

Ok this one can be a little confusing for you to grasp as we think of Summer wearing all these bright colours.. Whereas this person needs to wear softer hues of colour. Their skin colour is quite pale even though it can sometimes border on a soft Olive skin colour.. Delicate, soft and light colours are the best options to make this one look amazing, pastels are better for this person..

Hair colour on Summers are usually blonde or blonde as a child and have turned to a light brown as they mature.. Though they may be a mousy blonde their hair, when in the sun regularly, it goes light again.. Their skin is quite pale, to the point there is pink rings showing under the skin in the whitest part of their body.. The skin colour can range from white to pink beige, shades of pink. If you are deciding between Summer and Autumn to define this skin colour remember that Summers usually tan and Autumns usually burn..

Summer eyes are usually blue, green, gray or soft hazel.. It can be hazy near the iris, rather than a clear colour. They can have a very clear blue eye colour but that is an exception, their whites of their eyes are usually creamy in contrast to the iris, as opposed to Winter, whose eyes are sharp in contrast.

Famous Summer people are Gwyneth Paltrow, Uma Thurman, Charlise Theron..

The best colour for this person is pinks, light blues and light grey.. Solid colours are better for this person, whereas if you wish to wear prints make sure they are pastels or watercolour prints but not near the face.

Go for soft texture fabrics, cotton knits, if your body shape permits if it doesn't then go for wovens as that is more flattering.

You rock neutrals so aim for those, but remember don't get obsessed with them as you can wear them easily enough with your colour palette.. There are loads of options in your colours, pinks, blues, greens and light lavender and yellows.. Just remember no really sharp colours and soft prints and you can have quite a variety of pieces to go for. You will find designers who work mainly with those prints in recurring seasons but keep your eye out for when trends pick up on it and branch out to other designers..

For the staples go for soft greys and navy. Avoid dark borwns, grey beiges, yellow-beiges.

Gwyneth is big on light greys which she usually layers the colours, cargo green on the bottom and lots of soft yellows. She has a great sense of style and can do with a few more prints in her day but she is usually on the money.

Good luck and go print shopping..

Spring Colour Wheel

I haven't delved into this complex topic before as it is a hard thing to comprehend without being shown different examples in each one.. Which is why seeing a colour consultant or stylist is going to give you more a better view on it. But see what you can gather from the following information..

A Spring person is someone who is vibrant, colourful and exaggerated. Their skin tone is of light or ivory complexion, they usually tend to be natural golden blondes, auburn or strawberry blonde redheads with freckles or rosy cheeks.. Their eye colour tends to be light blue or green. Thus they have a high colour of red in their skin and tend to blush easily.

Spring colours are strong splashes of colour nothing shy pastel here. Shades of cream, champagne and camel take on a different shade when worn by this person..

To give you an idea of a Spring person think, Julianne Moore, Nicole Kidman they are classics in this part of the colour wheel..

The best white for this person is an off white almost creamy also they can wear a good clear beige to camel colour. Spring browns are a tan and to chocolate in the shade of more milk chocolate rather than dark chocolate.. When looking for a grey go for the yellow side of this shade, so stick to the lighter scale, especially when you are wearing it near your face.. Even with Navy use the same principle, lighter rather than darker.

Peach, apricot, salmon, coral and peachy pinks look outstanding on this person, also look at turquoise, aqua light blues. Light to medium violet, keeping it to the blue side of violet is better. Then onto your oranges, keep them bright, coral is good, though remember all palates can wear coral it is one of those fabrics that isn't biased and easy to share pieces with girlfriends so make sure you have some of these in your wardrobe..

Black can be worn but make sure you lift it with your spring colours, especially near your face.. A bright scarf or earrings should do the trick.. For the fairer of the Spring person you should avoid Black near your face altogether it will just make you appear paler.. Also never wear pure white, off whites are doable but not a white white..

Your wardrobe should be a nice array of colours, with your usual staple basics in Black and greys.. But colour is the way to go for you.. Nicole and Julianne look amazing in the emerald green and you should too..

Next post to be Summer..

Sunday, December 12, 2010

The simple life, fashion included.

Keeping life simple is a good rule to live by.. It helps you save money, keeps the important things a priority and helps you maintain focus.. This is also something that you can maintain in your wardrobe.. Most of the time when you look in the wardrobe and can't find anything amazing to wear it is because of many points.. Buying things on an impulse, either because you have an event to go to and haven't bought anything for it yet and you need something.. Buying something because you are going to loose weight and have bought it with that optimism in mind.. Or bought a piece just because it is a designer that you want to have a piece of and it is on sale and you just got to have one of theirs in your wardrobe, from personal experience..

It is a good time of year to spend getting familiar with your wardrobe and seeing what is in there and can stay and what is in there and needs to go.. Don't do it with a girlfriend, unless she has an awesome sense of style, do it with a camera and get dressed in each outfit and take a shot of yourself in it.. Also be ruthless, if you are keeping something because it is an awesome cut but doesn't have the glimmer anymore then either get a pattern cut off it or if it can be dyed to give it new life do that or get rid or it or replace it in kind..

Another way of going through your wardrobe is looking at what fits, what doesn't and what you haven't worn yet.. Keep the piles separate on your bed and work through it, the keeps, try them on and see what matches with it.. Also your shoes as well see what your bottoms or frocks are, what shoes go with it and what gaps you may have in your wardrobe and what you have excessive of.. This is a great way to plan out your next shop so that when you hit the stores you will have a good focus on what you need to make your wardrobe complete.. It takes little bits of effort like this to make you feel complete when you are getting ready for an event or for work, or for picking up the kids.. When you feel good you have more focus to spend on the amazing opportunities that are always around you and then you can do more with your days..

I have been reading about this guy who has this amazing way to use the mind in a positive way rather than burying our problems plan them out, map them and think our way to a positive lifestyle.. Keeping yourself looking fabulous is just one of the ways to make this an easier step..

If you have time he is worth a read..

Monday, November 29, 2010

Healthy inside, glamorous outside

It's all well and good to have a wardrobe full of clothes that fit our shape or skin colour or hair colour... If you don't feel good on the inside great clothes will only carry you so far..With my styling I would never suggest wearing spanx or any other under wear that pulls you in so that you have to be in pain to get away with the outfit.. So a little bit of loving to yourself every day in the way of good food and daily skin cleansing routine, give a day or two of missing it, will take you a long way over time..

So make sure that with your daily meals you have little or no processed food, wholesome bread is ok but in small amounts.. Pasta I know you can't make yourself so that is ok, but keep the crackers and chips to a minimum, use celery, carrot or cucumber instead for dips.. Everything in moderation of the not so good food and plenty of the good food and your skin and waistline will love you..

Then there is water, 8 glasses is a good start but if you can do more then do so.. I don't think anyone ever suffered any bad side effects of too much water.. It's great for your kidneys which flush out your toxins and also for your brain so when you are tired sometimes a couple of glasses of water will give you a good boost.. Also starting the day with warm water with a bit of Lemon in it, is a great way to start your digestion, especially in Winter.. Even if you come back to this from time to time it is better than not doing it at all.

Exercise, can't speak highly enough of it.. I used to do 45 mins of walking and yoga a day and now I do 3 x 30 minute personal training sessions a week and do yoga when I feel too tight and in small 15min sessions as that is all I can fit into my life.. So if you can 3 big sessions of something a week and then fillers during the week when you can.. Whatever you can fit into your life and thus build upon your energy levels you will be amazed at how clear you think and how much more stamina you have.. You might feel smashed the first month but keep at it, the only person who wins from it is you and you are worth backing.. Plus you will feel amazing when that part of your body that you shrink from is something that you are willing to shake in front of the world.. ah so liberating..

Cleaning products for your skin.. Well my family and I live organically and I keep to this with my skin care range as well and there are very cost effective ways of living this way.. Grown is an amazing range and developed by two Australian brothers for their Aunt who had cancer and developed allergies. Their face cream is amazing for after cleaning, Chamomile, they also have an awesome hand cream that make you feel amazing when you have to walk into a meeting you have to put your best effort on for..Aesop is also a good range, less is more with this range as it is concentrated. It is organic and a little decadent but even one thing from this range will make you feel amazing.. A new skin range I am experimenting with Evohe,, their ingredients are insanely good, including colloidal silver.. Their website has their whole range listed and ingredients of each and it is very impressive..

Organic or natural make up is a good way to go too, as your skin is an organ that absorbs all that you put on your body. So check out Lavera, they are a great German organic make up brand.. Awesome quality and it lasts forever.. There is suncoat, karpatt, or Butter for nail polish or Couleur Caramel for eyeshadows..

Last but not least, good nights rest... My bed is my haven, I love my bedroom and I love my futon.. If I am rested, I think well, I am patient and look for solutions and find them faster..

Thanks and I hope you find something in here that makes your life that little bit more awesome..

Wardrobe Staples

Ok we are going to go through the basics of what should be in every wardrobe..
1. Coat - depending on your climate and your body type.. We have no real need for a trench here in Brisbane but in case you are susceptible to the cold one of these is awesome.. Remember to take into account your body type as this will determine the length that you require.. I like a good short Jacket for our climate and when I did live in cold climates I made sure I had a good short but super warm jacket.. It suits me, the apple..
2. Good knitwear.. you have to have one good knit jumper, its great on the not so cold days and can add more vertical lines if you go for the vneck line and wear with a scarf.. I have a pj jumper and an outdoor jumper.. Love them to bits.. Otherwise go for the turtleneck and that too will elongate the neck..
3. A good cocktail dress, for special dinners, events or just cause you want to be glamorous. There is no such thing as being overdressed and it being a bad thing.. A good black wrap dress suits most body types.. If not black then a solid colour of your choosing.. Also if you aren't a frock girl then go for matching tops and bottoms that look like a continuous silhouette.. This will give the same effect as a frock for those dressy opp's.
4. A collared shirt, I am working on a fun one for the range, white would be awesome as you can always add some colour to it with a semi precious stone necklace or some glam silk scarf..
5. The perfect pants - wide leg if it takes your fancy and you love wearing wedges or chunky boots of some persuasion.. Slim fit, it is always flattering to show your shape off somewhere.. If your thighs are the problem area then make sure your top finishes on the line that cuts in the middle of your thigh and it immediately slims that bump.. Make sure you take an honest pair of eyes with you so that they can give you the shove you need to jump out of your comfort zone.. No colluding..
6. Aline skirt, looks great on everyone and is an easy to match with a tee or tailored top..
7. Bootleg pants - It creates lower body balance and I can not praise this cut enough.. I love my denim rolldown pants and my nina and I wear them both weekly, with clogs or ballet flats..
8. Boots - don't go too high unless you feel confident to pull the look off.. Just below the knee is a good look and works with above the knee frocks in winter or shorts.. Chocolate or tan depending on what will go well with your colour palette for your wardrobe..
9. Handbag - A good quality leather handbag in your favourite neutral colour, bone, chocolate, black, it will go with every outfit and look amazing even you are wearing a casual outfit.. Simple style with one decadent piece.. I love my learther bag that I bought from Francesca Rockette at the Young Designer Markets. I use it every other day.. I have vintage bags for my going out events and they mainly cost me between $10 - $20 and I feel amazing cause I have a variety to choose from..
10. Your own signature piece - something that reflects your personal style. Mine is scarves, I love my scarves, I also love statement shoes.. They are what defines me.. they are what I invest in when I want to treat myself.. Keep your eye out for sales if you are willing to chance the piece you are dreaming of..
Enjoy your day..

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Wearing labels in your days

I had the amazing opportunity to know about and go to Uplate in James St Brisbane last night, sponsored and promoted by Grazia. There were goody bags at every store with champagne and nibbles here and there.

There were ladies dressed up and dressed over, photographers, film crews, lights, music and loads of girls getting on with some real retail therapy.. It gave me a great opportunity to check out what the big labels are doing and I kind of feel I am holding my own. I saw a couple of ladies in my frocks, corset and others, so I felt rather chuffed on that front too.. There are some great shops in that area and everyone was having a great night of fun..

When it comes to buying labels don't ever feel like you have to wear it head to toe to be accepted, in or cool. Chanel said always take off the last piece you put on to keep it classy.. We saw plenty of girls labeled up from head to toe and you know what I saw what was lacking was their own slant on how to wear it..

The key is diversifying where you shop.. Buy a little on Etsy, a little at vintage shops, a little at high end stores and buy great staples.. Basic white, black and grey tees, silk cami's, great jackets, cropped or long.. I love kooky shoes, I shop at Wittner - DFO great bargains on real leather shoes, Sole Devotion - James St, or Jean Robe - Emporium.. Of course I am always on the look out for someone new and amazing and that is where the internet keeps me super unique.. There are great shops in the US that send to Australia thank god, and with the exchange rate in our favour for at least a few more months take advantage of that.

There are great little designers out there and it is so cool to support up and coming designers, they work hard, they are passionate and they breathe what they make.. I love seeing labels who have made it and still keep that ethos, Sass and Bide has me excited this season with their take on choral in their range.. FCUK are a little over priced for what they are.. Bettina Liano had some awesome little pieces in there but nothing that I needed.

I did buy a straight leg pair of jeans from Scanlon and Theodore, that is a first for me and I am busting out of my comfort zone by wearing those. I need to wear those with wedges or kitty heels otherwise I look tragic in that.. So after that bit of excitement we went and had our free cocktail from Grazia at the Cru Bar..

That is where we got to do some real people watching, thus coming to the conclusion that little is more and wear for you not for others.. Have fun, keep it stylish and be you, cause that is what you will be the most awesome at.. Those who don't get you aren't for your network of friends trust me hold out for the real people and that is when you will truly blossom.. Style it up..

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Petite Body Type

The one defining body trait for this type is that you are to be 5ft 3'"" or shorter.. Within this body type too you can have apple, pear or hourglass, obviously slim athletic doesn't squeeze in here due to the long leg trait..
So, with this one you have address the height and then the characteristics of the other body types as well.. Rachel Zoe, Kylie Minogue and I am sure lots of other stars are short petites as they mostly wear Louboutins and they are skyscrapers and made for women with narrow feet.. He has amazing shoes but they always give me toe cleavage, I know some women can live that but not this one..
Rachel and Kylie never ever go out in flats, rarely, they wear wedges with flowing dresses covering the frock or pant length to give the perception that their legs are longer than they are.. Kitty heels are fine if you are not a heel girl, I find that the kitty or the wedge are a great way to add height without putting yourself in the line for some near misses...

Go for the monochromatic look, it makes you look stylish and adds a slim and tall look to you instantly. It produces a strong vertical line, which is what you always want to be going for..
Go for the crop jacket as it will help make your legs look like they start at your ribs, which means high waisted cuts look great on you too.. The highwaisted pants in the range are made from a silk/linen which is soft and flowy, it focuses on the smallest part of your body at the bottom of your ribs and make your legs look they start there.. Absolutely NO hipsters, throw them if you have them or cut them into short shorts..

You can step out in a short skirt and heels but be careful with this look, the peeptoe wedge would be a safer bet. It makes you look fashionable but also 5f6' which is a awesome ending..

Also short hair looks great on petite as it shows the neck and brings the eye up to the face faster, avoid bulky items around your neck, chunky scarves are not for you. Long necklaces are what will really set your look off.. No chokers unless they are extremely fine, but even then check twice before you buy.

Avoid garment made from stiff fabrics, unless they are a wide leg pant that I find gives you height, they tend to add bulk to the shorter frame. The flowy look with fabrics that have enough weight to cascade down the body instead of clinging to you is what you want to aim for.
Avoid long shirts, if you have them tuck them in.. No top should fall below the hips..
Something you can do without having to purchase any additions is check your posture, keep your shoulders back and head high. No slouching for you, Pilates and Yoga regularly will help you automatically stay upright without tension..
Keep your pieces in proportion to your shape and height. You need to find the balance between proportion, line, colour and texture..
You can wear maxi skirts as long as you have a deep V top with it and wedges.. Just remember conceal your problem areas and add height. Check out the other body types that relate to you and write out your goals with your wardrobe and keep that in your wallet when you are shopping.

Add pieces bit by bit and if you are not confident to make any step in your wardrobe of change just push yourself a little bit and have fun, you just might discover some amazing part of you that has been hiding in the back of the cupboard for way too long.. Enjoy and have fun..

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Slim Athletic body type

Ok everyone has a cross to bear and even though others don't see this body type with any issue's, there are ways to perfecting each body type..

This body type will have consistent measurements along the hips, waist and bust.. So the thing we need to do with this body type is give some shape and definition, create the illusion of shape.. This body type tends to have a slight waist and long legs.. I immediately think, basketballer, netballer, those teams have a lot of the athletic type.. Gwyneth Paltrow is a perfect candidate for this body type.. Her way of dressing is always to show off her legs or wear long flowing frocks that accentuate that asset of hers. Both ways of wearing these designs give the desired effect, flattering her assets..
Strapless bodice, form fitting shapes and stappy necklines all work for this body type.. What creates shape is pleating, detailing, beading, prints, ruching, silk and knitwear (which the rest of the body types should absolutely run from).
This body type needs tailoring, this cut works great on them. Avoid boxy designs at all costs as this tends to swamp this body type.. Belted jackets are great to give the impression of a defined waist.. Bold necklaces also add volume and draw the eye upwards..
Dress feminine - go for silks or flowing fabrics, a fluted sleeve will also add shape and softness. The bias cut in both skirts and frocks will do wonders for this body type..
Skirts - go for something with lots of pleats or detailing them..
Layering is good for this body type as it creates many horizontal lines which are a friend to this body type..
This shape can wear the skinny jean, the only shape that can wear the skinny jean.. Petite can too but with some serious wedges as most skinny jeans are made with super length to them so that can the only deterrant..
The a-line skirt is magical really, it works a treat on the pear shape and here again it rescues this body type with it's ability to make it appear there is more shape in areas that need it.
Your shoes that you can get away with is greater than most.. strappy flats that go up the calf a short way look great on you and you can wear heels just make sure the straps to them add some detail to it balances out the length that the heels give. I have plenty of tall girlfriends who are athletic and totally rock their wardrobe with heels cause they love it and are comfortable in their skin with their height..
Ok enjoy.. More points will be given on each body types on different entries.. talk soon.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sands in the Hourglass body type;

This shape is all about balance, balance of the top and bottom and working the waistline.. Your goal is to bring the eyes focus to the areas of the body you are happy with and away from the parts that you are not.
Working with the bust first a good wrap top or frock flatters this part of you as the fabric is not just falling across the body it has a direction to go around the body. A vneck, is also good, especially in a cowl or with some details, i.e. the ruffle top in the range, it instantly compliments the busts.. Don't go for too bulky a fabric though you want more streamline fabrics, not voiles, but fabric that has a bit of body but not the bulk.. Cotton/spandex is so good for you, you should have a good relationship with this fabric as it will pull you and give you support where your body needs it. Hence that is why the rolldown pants, Grace pants and aline skirts all of which are made in cotton/spandex works for your shape.. Try and keep you bottoms plain and your tops detailed not too busy a print but if you are going to wear a print that is where I would place it...
Sleeves on your tops should be a little detailed with a slight puff or go for a 3/4 or fluted sleeve as this will make sure that the attention is on the vertical neckline. Try and avoid batwing as this will just bring way too much attention up top and not really show off your waist, and that is key gift on the way to your face..
A good little cardi or wrap will always work in your favour especially if you buy a really light fabric frock because you just had to have. So that will allow you to bend the rules a bit with the fabrics that you were near your face.. Pending on your colour palette, that is a whole new matter to take into account when you are restyling yourself..
When it comes to frocks what you want to do is elongate the waist line so something that lifts the boobs and maybe wraps around the waist to define it will be a winning frock for you..
Tees with puff sleeves and a boat neck is awesome for you, as the sleeve will focus on your neck which in itself will draw the eye up to your face.. That is the end goal, because when they reach that end that is when the chatting starts.. Crop jackets are awesome for you, or if it is a blazer make sure it is double buttoned so it gives the perception of a long waist.. a 3/4 sleeve is also good in the jacket as your wrists fall at your waistline and with some key bracelets or clasps that will help define your waist again..
Skirts that are good for you are pencil, above the knee or high waisted, just think that lovely red head in Mad Men.. She is all over the hourglass and never steps out of line of being awesome.. Cotton/spandex in this is going to do you more favours than any other fabric..
Cowl neck frocks and tops also do you justice, especially if you belt it and the fabric is of the right weight..
Dress your killer curves as you only have to define the waist and that is an easy thing to remember.. Don't go too short, but don't do too long either.. It doesn't have to be clingy but er on the side of being a closer fit than a looser.. Enjoy and have fun with this info. Remember we are all not black and white so just look at your shape and see if you may be different body types on top to your bottom..

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Body Types - Pear

The pear body type is a common one, I find that that people can be a blend of two body types one for the top and one for the bottom. This is easy to understand once we have covered all the body types and the way to identify them..
Ways to identify the Pear shape is to take the measurements of the thighs and hips this will be the larger number of all your measurements. Then next down in measurements will be the bust, then the waist will be smaller again.. The pear will tend to have a flat tummy, a longer waist and heavier legs..
The goals for the Pear is to balance the overall look, you need to create a look that makes the eye go up and flatter the hips.. A great cut on the bottom is a good aline skirt, the Grace pants as the wide band tends to flatter the waist while showing off just a tad of the bottom and hiding the thighs. So the wide leg pant looks great on this shape. Usually a length of skirt is to be below the knee or wearing with tights go above the knee..
Tops with a drop neckline, not high at all unless it is a good button down top that creates the open vneck.. A little detail on the top would be awesome for this shape as it will draw the eyes up..
The strapless look is good on this shape and if your arms are not up for it then wear a nice bolero or wrap with it so that it still keeps the neck line open.. So your tops should be where your attention is going to be drawn to. Go for statement necklaces to make up for tops that have no detail..
Remember any woman no matter what size you are always looks amazing showing off your neckline...
Where crop jackets as it will show off your waist line, also clinched in waist dresses are also great for your shape as it will do you favours there. Be bold with your choices in jacket as you want to create the attention on the top half..
Coats should be worn open to create that vertical line, or wear strapped with a belt on the waist so it still creates an opening and thus giving you a vertical line..
Tops you can almost wear any kind of neck line, just make sure the length of your top is not too long as we want it to finish near the waistline to accentuate that part of you..
Dresses should be either strapless or an empire line with an a-line from the bust or hips down.. Depending on your bust choose which cut of dress flatters you.. Remember if you find you are bit of two body types work out which part of you fits which body type and dress for that type..
In the pants and skirts department go for fabrics that have a little bit of spandex in them as this will show off shape near your waist, you best part and still hold a nice line from your hips down..
So have fun with your tops and find some staples with your bottoms and you will have a lot of fun redefining your look.. Start with baby steps and then get really playful.. Hope this helps..
Designs to look at, Grace Pants, ruffle top, cowl neck top, corset dress

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Body Types - Apple

Ok I am going to start with Apple as that is my shape and I have a good insight into this one.. First how to determine if you fit this profile the easiest way to work this out is to measure yourself. So if your bust and hips are pretty close in measurement and there isn't too much difference in those for your waist.. Then you are an Apple. You will find that your neckline and your legs are you assets and the point of focus that you should look to enhance in your clothing choices..

Now these are just guidelines, everyone is different both in lifestyle and personality so play with it and make the data fit you and not the other way round.. Also stop and take a moment to see whether fear is stopping you from stepping out and changing your wardrobe just a little more dramatically than you would. I always buy something out there and leave it in my wardrobe till I feel comfortable enough from looking at it enough that I can bring myself to wear. Also cause I have visualised how I can wear it, thus making sure I have what I need to make that piece work for me..

Make sure you blend up wearing plains and prints so that you can define a top and bottom, giving you a silhouette.. Start with good lingerie because if everything is being held in its proper place underneath then everything you put on top is going to look awesome just because your anatomy is where is meant to be..

Ok so we want to create a waist cause we don't really have one naturally. So wide belts or work upwards and accentuate the empire line, under the bra.. Vneck line tops or wrap tops are great, boat neck tops are also good as any woman no matter what size can show off their neck and it immediately adds some pizazz.. If you are going to wear a tee make sure it is long enough and also with some detail in the front, no clinging necessary.. Also loose tops belted with a wide belt with a straight leg or narrow leg pant will show off the leg and define a waist..

Jackets that are tailored and nip in the waist are also great for this shape. No capes or swing jackets, its all about showing shape on the top and showing the legs either by an above the knee length in skirts and frocks or pants that show of the shape of your leg. Remember there is no need to cling, dress for your age and occasion..

Work with this and have a play. Don't take it too seriously and step outside your comfort zone..

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

September News

Well it feels like I am not moving much but I have been putting into place some big changes. The biggest being a new website which will have a totally new look with the ease of images being bigger and clearer and with little packages for you to buy for yourself or friends. I am going to be putting designs together to offer a discount if you buy them together, this is a new way of shopping with me. Also this website won't have a minimum spend as the old one did.. It is more design based and soon to be operational..
Also it is only 7 days till Finders Keepers Melbourne and I am looking forward to a very busy weekend..
We will also be using our time in Melbourne to do a little photo shoot on the docks so keep your eye out on the Facebook page for recent updates with the designs..

See you soon,
Irene Pollak