Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Giving gifts that are hand made..

My sister in law, Lesley, sent me this email that said how much we save the environment by buying local but also buying handmade.. Etsy has always been a special place to go when I feel like getting funky as you can get something handmade, well priced..
Then again go to your local markets, Southbank, mmmm not as much handmade as I would like but still one of the better markets, although the West End market is pretty cool also..
Or BrisStyle events these ladies work hard and are so creative it just makes you want to go and study something or try and whip something up at home as well.
There are bargains to be had at big chain stores and I get that, you need knickers and bra's and socks and the likes. But something that gives you that sense of cool without paying $1000 for one piece. Then there is nothing like supporting handmade and believe me this trend is getting bigger and bigger and hopefully the mass produced will be a minority and this cycle will swing back to a balance where we have less but are a whole lot happier for it..
Also check the amazing Leonie at the Collective Store 78 Bay Tce, Wynnum, she is getting a cult following. People are coming from the Gold Coast and Sunshine coast to check out the shop..
Also new to the scene is Handmade Highstreet, shop 1/466 Ipswich Road, Annerly..
merry xmas