Thursday, December 16, 2010

Summer person colour options

Ok this one can be a little confusing for you to grasp as we think of Summer wearing all these bright colours.. Whereas this person needs to wear softer hues of colour. Their skin colour is quite pale even though it can sometimes border on a soft Olive skin colour.. Delicate, soft and light colours are the best options to make this one look amazing, pastels are better for this person..

Hair colour on Summers are usually blonde or blonde as a child and have turned to a light brown as they mature.. Though they may be a mousy blonde their hair, when in the sun regularly, it goes light again.. Their skin is quite pale, to the point there is pink rings showing under the skin in the whitest part of their body.. The skin colour can range from white to pink beige, shades of pink. If you are deciding between Summer and Autumn to define this skin colour remember that Summers usually tan and Autumns usually burn..

Summer eyes are usually blue, green, gray or soft hazel.. It can be hazy near the iris, rather than a clear colour. They can have a very clear blue eye colour but that is an exception, their whites of their eyes are usually creamy in contrast to the iris, as opposed to Winter, whose eyes are sharp in contrast.

Famous Summer people are Gwyneth Paltrow, Uma Thurman, Charlise Theron..

The best colour for this person is pinks, light blues and light grey.. Solid colours are better for this person, whereas if you wish to wear prints make sure they are pastels or watercolour prints but not near the face.

Go for soft texture fabrics, cotton knits, if your body shape permits if it doesn't then go for wovens as that is more flattering.

You rock neutrals so aim for those, but remember don't get obsessed with them as you can wear them easily enough with your colour palette.. There are loads of options in your colours, pinks, blues, greens and light lavender and yellows.. Just remember no really sharp colours and soft prints and you can have quite a variety of pieces to go for. You will find designers who work mainly with those prints in recurring seasons but keep your eye out for when trends pick up on it and branch out to other designers..

For the staples go for soft greys and navy. Avoid dark borwns, grey beiges, yellow-beiges.

Gwyneth is big on light greys which she usually layers the colours, cargo green on the bottom and lots of soft yellows. She has a great sense of style and can do with a few more prints in her day but she is usually on the money.

Good luck and go print shopping..

Spring Colour Wheel

I haven't delved into this complex topic before as it is a hard thing to comprehend without being shown different examples in each one.. Which is why seeing a colour consultant or stylist is going to give you more a better view on it. But see what you can gather from the following information..

A Spring person is someone who is vibrant, colourful and exaggerated. Their skin tone is of light or ivory complexion, they usually tend to be natural golden blondes, auburn or strawberry blonde redheads with freckles or rosy cheeks.. Their eye colour tends to be light blue or green. Thus they have a high colour of red in their skin and tend to blush easily.

Spring colours are strong splashes of colour nothing shy pastel here. Shades of cream, champagne and camel take on a different shade when worn by this person..

To give you an idea of a Spring person think, Julianne Moore, Nicole Kidman they are classics in this part of the colour wheel..

The best white for this person is an off white almost creamy also they can wear a good clear beige to camel colour. Spring browns are a tan and to chocolate in the shade of more milk chocolate rather than dark chocolate.. When looking for a grey go for the yellow side of this shade, so stick to the lighter scale, especially when you are wearing it near your face.. Even with Navy use the same principle, lighter rather than darker.

Peach, apricot, salmon, coral and peachy pinks look outstanding on this person, also look at turquoise, aqua light blues. Light to medium violet, keeping it to the blue side of violet is better. Then onto your oranges, keep them bright, coral is good, though remember all palates can wear coral it is one of those fabrics that isn't biased and easy to share pieces with girlfriends so make sure you have some of these in your wardrobe..

Black can be worn but make sure you lift it with your spring colours, especially near your face.. A bright scarf or earrings should do the trick.. For the fairer of the Spring person you should avoid Black near your face altogether it will just make you appear paler.. Also never wear pure white, off whites are doable but not a white white..

Your wardrobe should be a nice array of colours, with your usual staple basics in Black and greys.. But colour is the way to go for you.. Nicole and Julianne look amazing in the emerald green and you should too..

Next post to be Summer..

Sunday, December 12, 2010

The simple life, fashion included.

Keeping life simple is a good rule to live by.. It helps you save money, keeps the important things a priority and helps you maintain focus.. This is also something that you can maintain in your wardrobe.. Most of the time when you look in the wardrobe and can't find anything amazing to wear it is because of many points.. Buying things on an impulse, either because you have an event to go to and haven't bought anything for it yet and you need something.. Buying something because you are going to loose weight and have bought it with that optimism in mind.. Or bought a piece just because it is a designer that you want to have a piece of and it is on sale and you just got to have one of theirs in your wardrobe, from personal experience..

It is a good time of year to spend getting familiar with your wardrobe and seeing what is in there and can stay and what is in there and needs to go.. Don't do it with a girlfriend, unless she has an awesome sense of style, do it with a camera and get dressed in each outfit and take a shot of yourself in it.. Also be ruthless, if you are keeping something because it is an awesome cut but doesn't have the glimmer anymore then either get a pattern cut off it or if it can be dyed to give it new life do that or get rid or it or replace it in kind..

Another way of going through your wardrobe is looking at what fits, what doesn't and what you haven't worn yet.. Keep the piles separate on your bed and work through it, the keeps, try them on and see what matches with it.. Also your shoes as well see what your bottoms or frocks are, what shoes go with it and what gaps you may have in your wardrobe and what you have excessive of.. This is a great way to plan out your next shop so that when you hit the stores you will have a good focus on what you need to make your wardrobe complete.. It takes little bits of effort like this to make you feel complete when you are getting ready for an event or for work, or for picking up the kids.. When you feel good you have more focus to spend on the amazing opportunities that are always around you and then you can do more with your days..

I have been reading about this guy who has this amazing way to use the mind in a positive way rather than burying our problems plan them out, map them and think our way to a positive lifestyle.. Keeping yourself looking fabulous is just one of the ways to make this an easier step..

If you have time he is worth a read..