Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Melbourne I love you..

Ok so I was going to talk about our recent trip to Melbourne but looking through my images in iPhoto I came across this beauty and I think this totally reflects the home I want to live in.
Large enough to have heaps of friends over for dinner, parties and to stay.  
Life is so busy I know my goals in life totally revolve around how i can expand my life with more time for my loved ones and inspiring events to come into our life.

But I digress, Melbourne is definitely somewhere I hold close to my heart, I was born there.  And I love the distinctive multi culturalism that isn't apparent so broadly anywhere else in Australia.  Every Italian joint we went to we felt like we were in Little Italy.  The locals are amorous and the sites never disappoint.

We saw Monet's exhibition, getting in the mood for France, and the Gallery was stunning and the actual exhibition was amazing.

Did you know Monet was inspired by Japanese Wood prints and the bridge he has in his beloved garden was inspired by Japanese art.  His two loves were his garden and his art.  He adored his wives and questioned his purpose in life when his second wife past.  But he always came back to art.  

It was his working through process.  

Anyways here is our collation of the art of Melbourne.  I love graffiti so walked and meandered down lanes to take these shots.  

This is going to be my new vege garden, watch out pallets of Brisbane, I shall be coming to get you..

Have an awesome day guys.. 

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