Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mama Couture

I was given this book by my husband and children for Mothers Day and it is written by an Australian writer by the name of Moya Kate. It is part pregnancy advice, which when you are past that stage you might want to lightly skim over those bits, but she is validating the making of that change from being a career woman to being a mum and then going back to find a happy medium.
I wrestle with this all the time and just having another woman write about it in such a funny way allows the sense of community in that this battle is not just mine.. The fashion industry yes is a funny monster all of it's own, but if you look at it from a different point of view it too has its opportunities to make a difference.
Moya gets political too on how woman, mothers are not validated in the workspace or the social system. Just imagine though when our load is a little lighter from having to be available for all minor and major things in our childrens lives on a day to day basis. Just how much we will be able to do in the world..
There is no greater force than a mothers love or her organisational skills either.. Planning food for a week for 4 people, investing in our passion, being a lover, teacher, carer and cleaner. All the while doing things that encourage the feeling of being a beautiful woman of the world.

I think we too believe in the underestimation and sometimes we just need to do things that allow us to realise just how much we have grown..

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Winter Personality

Well the bom has just advised us we are in for a long cold Winter.. It's hard to stay focused on gorgeous frocks and silks etc when we are about to enter a long cold winter.. But it allows you to play with your style personality as you can mish and mash things that you wouldn't normally do..
I have some caftans in the range that I am looking into making some long sleeve tops out of Bamboo to layer underneath it. I have my first range of tights coming out this weekend so that will open up potential for frocks to be worn with them.. Bamboo colours will be here soon in those as well.
But before you go shopping, take time to get to know your clothes, if you put away your seasonal clothes to make room in your wardrobe then lay out your winter wares from last year and be ruthless in assessing which are keepers and which just don't have the mojo to see out another season.. Also don't be afraid if the designs that you can't bare to let go of may just need a little splash of colour to bring them back to life.. Natural fibres are another plus for this reason they are the easiest thing to dye..
Always go for good cuts, they are easy to mix and match and they will have more potential to be appropriate for different occasions. Also too look at necklaces and bracelets as they are your opportunity to add a different personality to an outfit that you love. Change your tights style as well, detailed or prints (be careful too busy and it adds bulk) or some that are plain.. It can be the grounding factor to an outfit even though only a splash is seen.
Enjoy rugging up..

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

women in business

Where I am today and where I see myself going is not even thinkable without the amazing network of women I get to work with every month.
Stacey and Southbank Markets for both Young Designers and the Lifestyle market, she has been so enthusiastic about my developments in my business.. Emma from Red Revival for doing my funky brooches and being a beautiful person to work with. Minnie for teaching me how to sew 8 years ago and still comes in a critiques my work, love you..
My mother in law for giving me perspective, my mum for always checking in to see how I am going and if I am jumping hurdles.. My ever supportive friend Rachael for always putting things in perspective for me and being there.. The girls at Portside for being so encouraging and supportive and all the other women in fashion that share the excitement and the challenges of being in this trade.
And of course all the ladies who come and shop with me. Giving me feedback, support, encouragement and when I need it, criticism.
To the Etsy, BrisStyle team, the support through the emails and forums makes the world of business at home that little bit bigger..
Leonie at the Collective Store at Wynnum for being willing to think outside the square and starting an awesome shop in the middle of a town that is yet to find it's funky side.. Thanks for taking it in the right direction..
Vicki from Incub8r in the Valley for also being a hub for creative women, thanks for taking on that challenge and doing what it takes to make it a success.
So whether you think you make a difference whether it be big or small. For a woman in business it could be just the leverage they need to jump that next hurdle. So thank you, thank you, thank you..
Support Australian Designers..