Monday, February 27, 2012

Zen Pencils

I subscribe to some really awesome blogs and newsletters and I always try to keep them positive.. For if we do not master the mind the rest of our day just goes to shit... I did 4 years of study of Acupuncture with an awesome group of teachers and it wasn't just all about Acupuncture.. I was about how our organs and our thoughts reflect our health and habits..
So these things keep me on track to keep striving even when the wave seems to have me rolling on the sand and getting slammed..
It's no walk in the path but each little interruption I give to a negative thought takes it's power away.. So here is today's little inspiration and I hope you love it as I think this guy has a big future in the way he reflects his art through positive quotes by famous people..

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Dressing the slim, athletic body type..

No matter which Style book you look at they will all say the same thing about this figure type.. Adding curves and shape is the most important factor to keep an eye on.. So ruffles, detail, bows, anything you can think of really that will give you detail.. You want to keep away from short crop tops etc that will accentuate the fact that you are straight up and down.. Also you want to go against the verticle line rule as that will not do you justice..
So what to look for, is designs that will give you shape, bias cuts are good for you as the magic of this cut makes the fabric move a bit more while you are wearing it.. Pencil cut skirts done the right way will also add some shape for you..
Slim cut pants - look for one's with pockets on the back as well if you can, trapeze style dresses, florals and graphic prints..
Any body type will have an asset they love and something they don't so make sure when you are looking out for new wardrobe pieces that you take that into account too.. It is never just black and white..
The perfect neck line for you is the wrap top, vneck and boatline, add a little padded bra here and there but don't be locked into them.. Allow ruffles and details to help you there.. My vneck vintage ruffle frock is good for ladies with curves and without.. Pick the right size and it is the magic frock..
Also look out for full circle skirts, accentuate your top with a vneck top with that one and you can go all out at the drop waist styles as well as this will throw off any perceptions about being small on top.. They will be blown away by your style..
With your swimmers keep to the detail rule, opt for the padded bikini or if there aren't any that light your fire then go with one that has tassles or ruffles..
If you are a bit on the tall side either go for floor length or below the knee length, what you can really rock is to wear that mid calf length..
There is no such thing as the perfect figure really, as it varies for everyone what your ideal is, though if you have the perfect wardrobe you can look hot in anything you wear..