Thursday, June 9, 2011

Courageous You

In life you have to step out of your comfort zone when you reach a fork in the road where you are bored or unsatisfied with your momentum or feel a niggle for something different. Be it in your wardrobe, career or relationship.. When I say change I mean spice it up, do something different, start new habits, wear new designs, try new colours, different languages, different holidays.. It doesn't have to major but just something that makes you skip out the door into life..
Here are some inspirational quotes from Reading for Success. I love this guys stuff.. Remember you are always learning so make sure you put something worthwhile in there..
Remember the anchor of who you are. Learn it. Live it.
Anytime you feel uncomfortable, no matter where you are, greet someone. Make a connection.
When you find yourself looking to someone else for answers, it’s time to stop and reflect. You have all the answers you need.
Do things because you truly feel powerful, not because others actions tell you. Stop trying to keep up.
Track when you feel awesome and when feel terrible. Notice what causes each. Stop the later. Enhance the former.
Be impeccably you. Boldness means pushing. Innovation’s messy. Enjoy it.
Ask why for everything. Don’t do anything without a good reason.
How do you want to feel when you accomplish a goal? We are after feelings, not check boxes. It’s the only way to really enjoy a victory.
Everything is progress.
This is not to get permission. Nothing is. The answer is yes. If you want it then do it.
Do what will make most money the fastest and then what makes most money. First think what can you make money from tomorrow. As that supports you, shift to what makes you most money over time.
It’s a risk. You could totally bomb. You could suck. But the fun makes it worth it.
Use your most precious gifts. Not just any gift. The most precious and uniquely yours.
The things you see as negative may turn out to be unique qualities. Own them
Your true purpose is to be ALIVE