Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Style for any age

I was flipping through the Satorialist book that I have and what struck me is to see all people of all ages wearing some current or past trend piece in a way that is their own. So really does trend or styles have an age limit, hell no.. Are we supposed to because we are a mum or a nana give up on ourselves and put ourselves at the back of the social scene because we don't relate or want to do what the up and coming trend setters are doing.. No hopefully we are in tune with what works for our body type and then explore the boundaries of that.. Reuben's art teacher was rocking a great ensemble today and he is in his 50's and styling it even for school.. He's a well traveled man and an established artist so his style is reflected in a little tailoring and a little relaxed.
The point is we are not determining our style by our age but by our lifestyle and our experiences.. Who you really dress for is you, and other women, but it should 90% be down for you.
Is it really an age thing for style.. As long as you don't wear outside what your body can pull off. I don't mean that you shouldn't wear wide leg pants because you are short and of a lovely proportion. I have plenty of clients who wear my wide leg pants and fit that body shape and they rock it.. It is about who you are and what meets your personality and what makes you feel confident. Body language is the biggest part of our communication and our dress sense and style helps us convey that..
Living in London for 2 years, I met loads of Punks and I can tell you they are lovely people in general, but in their social demo they encourage that style to reflect the music they listen to and the political view they endorse..
I think the attempt to write an all encompassing Style book would be impossible because there are differences in every body and personality that can break or bend a style rule.. I surprise myself all the time on what I can pull off, accessories are your greatest friend seek them out and get a few of everything so it goes with your wardrobe.
When you play with the basics and allow yourself to explore I think that is where you really define the boundaries of your style and break them.. Try on something different, just have a play, cause sometimes it can be the make, not the style that rules that one out for you..
Have fun next time you have time at the shops and take in things that you don't normally try. If the shop is quiet they won't really mind you having a play with ideas, in fact you could be helping the girl on the floor..