Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Giving gifts that are hand made..

My sister in law, Lesley, sent me this email that said how much we save the environment by buying local but also buying handmade.. Etsy has always been a special place to go when I feel like getting funky as you can get something handmade, well priced..
Then again go to your local markets, Southbank, mmmm not as much handmade as I would like but still one of the better markets, although the West End market is pretty cool also..
Or BrisStyle events these ladies work hard and are so creative it just makes you want to go and study something or try and whip something up at home as well.
There are bargains to be had at big chain stores and I get that, you need knickers and bra's and socks and the likes. But something that gives you that sense of cool without paying $1000 for one piece. Then there is nothing like supporting handmade and believe me this trend is getting bigger and bigger and hopefully the mass produced will be a minority and this cycle will swing back to a balance where we have less but are a whole lot happier for it..
Also check the amazing Leonie at the Collective Store 78 Bay Tce, Wynnum, she is getting a cult following. People are coming from the Gold Coast and Sunshine coast to check out the shop..
Also new to the scene is Handmade Highstreet, shop 1/466 Ipswich Road, Annerly..
merry xmas

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Feel good exercise

Being a modern woman balancing being a wife and a mum, my two most important roles, I also need to be a business woman as that allows me to share and be me in the world..
There are a lot of lonely times within that especially with modern business being through the web, don't get me wrong I love it and I have free time to help at my kids schools without too much hassle.. But in those times between 9-2.50 Monday to Friday when I am not doing that I have to stay disciplined to keep my mind positive.. We all work on that at different degrees..
So one thing I really love doing when I am out and about is that if I see a woman who has put some effort into her outfit and she is totally cool with it all. I like to take the time to say something positive but simple like "I love your frock, it looks so good on you!". Sometimes it hits the floor but that is only once out of 100. It makes me feel good seeing some shine for a moment at the fact a perfect stranger has noticed her and I love seeing women making that effort to look amazing and chic..
It's not about hunting down a woman but if you notice someone just make the extra effort to say something so that she knows you noticed.. You never know what change you could make in that persons day, but you will always recognise that that little effort for such a smile in return is so totally worth it..
We don't have to stop poverty or feed every child in the world or rescue every animal every day to feel good, we could, in the meantime, make a woman feel amazing..
You are totally and always worth it..

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Brisbane Festival on right now..

Ok so not to mention the amazing venues like Powerhouse Museum and Southbank and the Metro Arts all having amazing gigs and performances on.. The Powerhouse has built this temporary stage which is so New York I am going to see anything that is performing there...

Here is their website to get the lowdown and plan your month as it is happening all September, well almost. There is insane light shows at Southbank every night, Santos City of Lights.. There is a light exhibition there as well that you walk through - Liquid Interactive Light Scope.. There is an amazing funk circus performance on at the Powerhouse tonight at that magical stage, Petit Mal.. I want to split myself in two and go all over..

It is art and creative performance of local and international talent at a high calibre. So give them some of your valuable time and have an awesome day or night out..

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Trunks anyone!!!

One day I dream of having my own little range of divine ports that will see you through any adventure.. Yes I smell it now, exquisite leathers, lining that you wish you had a matching skirt made from... Little wallets that are easily removed that hold your makeup brushes or nail kit or something you love doing while you are on a flight.. Drawing pencils ah sketching and designing your future..
My inspiration on how to design and manufacture these ports are coming from this amazing book out right now, I am slowly making my way through it, it is the history of LV 100 Legendary trunks.. The opening line reads 'The 19th century belonged to the explorers, the archeologists and the adventurers. Governments endorsed this kind of travel either for Colonial or evangelization reason or as it goes on to mention to establish power.. These travelers did not want to go without their comforts and the intelligence of Louis Vuitton was to talk to his clients and find out what their needs were and design each of these trunks to satisfy all purposes.. He did ground breaking designs with materials that weren't even conceived then.. It is, I believe, the reason it has become such a revered label, where others stumbled he set standards..

Now I know today we have all our creature comforts wherever we go as it is just in transit that we require the comfort of our possessions and the ability to access them without all our things falling on the floor of the airport.. But also we want an effortless style.
But in the meantime read an amazing story of a great designer and inventor for the lifestyle of adventurers.. The pictures themselves are just so delicious you could just imagine how people traveled in those days..

Sunday, September 4, 2011

The origins of Lipgloss

We had our photoshoot recently for MX mag and Steve the photographer asked a great question.. When was lipgloss invented, as one of us pulled one out during the shoot..
I had no idea and so I thought that would be a great thing to investigate..
Max Factor did a lot for makeup for the masses and they started out in the world of film.. So they had all these tricks to make the star look amazing and surreal.. So in 1930 lipgloss was first used in the black and white films to emphasise the presence of the leading lady.. By 1932 it was available to the masses and the original formula was used up until 2003 till the product was retired..
In 1973, Bonne Bell, released the first flavoured lipgloss called Lipsmackers.. mmmmmmm
It's marketing was a line of making sure that when you got your first kiss that is was something for him to remember..
In 2009 a UK beauty company sold it's lipgloss with a date rape drug detector with it. How we change within half a century...
Not only that you can get lipgloss that makes your lips look bigger.????
There's also a great book called 'two lipsticks and a lover" by Helena Frith-Powell. Read about her she is fun and I love the sense of adventure she has with covering this topic.
It's a great book on how French women dress and one of their golden rules is they always, always leave the house with lipstick on. But if you feel that is too much for you every day, fall back on the trusty lipgloss which adds a soft touch of colour and shine.. I have them everywhere, both lipsticks and glosses, in this case a little effort goes a long way..

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Style for any age

I was flipping through the Satorialist book that I have and what struck me is to see all people of all ages wearing some current or past trend piece in a way that is their own. So really does trend or styles have an age limit, hell no.. Are we supposed to because we are a mum or a nana give up on ourselves and put ourselves at the back of the social scene because we don't relate or want to do what the up and coming trend setters are doing.. No hopefully we are in tune with what works for our body type and then explore the boundaries of that.. Reuben's art teacher was rocking a great ensemble today and he is in his 50's and styling it even for school.. He's a well traveled man and an established artist so his style is reflected in a little tailoring and a little relaxed.
The point is we are not determining our style by our age but by our lifestyle and our experiences.. Who you really dress for is you, and other women, but it should 90% be down for you.
Is it really an age thing for style.. As long as you don't wear outside what your body can pull off. I don't mean that you shouldn't wear wide leg pants because you are short and of a lovely proportion. I have plenty of clients who wear my wide leg pants and fit that body shape and they rock it.. It is about who you are and what meets your personality and what makes you feel confident. Body language is the biggest part of our communication and our dress sense and style helps us convey that..
Living in London for 2 years, I met loads of Punks and I can tell you they are lovely people in general, but in their social demo they encourage that style to reflect the music they listen to and the political view they endorse..
I think the attempt to write an all encompassing Style book would be impossible because there are differences in every body and personality that can break or bend a style rule.. I surprise myself all the time on what I can pull off, accessories are your greatest friend seek them out and get a few of everything so it goes with your wardrobe.
When you play with the basics and allow yourself to explore I think that is where you really define the boundaries of your style and break them.. Try on something different, just have a play, cause sometimes it can be the make, not the style that rules that one out for you..
Have fun next time you have time at the shops and take in things that you don't normally try. If the shop is quiet they won't really mind you having a play with ideas, in fact you could be helping the girl on the floor..

Monday, July 11, 2011

Creative Fashion

I love this time of year as it is the time to put together the new collection for Spring.. I never work in a conventional way as I kind of design on a whim.. I love being inspired by creative people and art, so I like to bring a bit of that into my designs..
I research on many fashion websites not to copy but to be inspired. Seeing how things are put together in street fashion blogs, on real people...
Fashion to me should always be practical but it doesn't hurt to work on your assets and show the best of you.. Although today I have a trilby on as my hair isn't playing fair which is usually in Winter, this morning it was a beanie. No-one has to know your reason for what you wear but if you look smoking then that is where your fashion becomes art.
So this coming season for me is going to see cowl tees, singlet tanks and dresses, that will be worn under my silk caftans that are already in production.. They are going to be so addictive I am already looking for more fabrics..
There are two new vintage dresses coming into the range but I am working on tweeking the vneck ruffle into a decadent maxi with metal tabs on you so you put that skirt wherever you want it so it can be a short dress or dragging on the ground...
There is also going to be some old designs coming back, a-line skirts, more colours in the rolldown pants and Grace pants, linen/cotton drawstring pants and I am working on my own screen prints for tees. These aren't going to be just any kind of tee, they are going to be super vintage style...
Life is good. Enjoy the sun..

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Courageous You

In life you have to step out of your comfort zone when you reach a fork in the road where you are bored or unsatisfied with your momentum or feel a niggle for something different. Be it in your wardrobe, career or relationship.. When I say change I mean spice it up, do something different, start new habits, wear new designs, try new colours, different languages, different holidays.. It doesn't have to major but just something that makes you skip out the door into life..
Here are some inspirational quotes from Reading for Success. I love this guys stuff.. Remember you are always learning so make sure you put something worthwhile in there..
Remember the anchor of who you are. Learn it. Live it.
Anytime you feel uncomfortable, no matter where you are, greet someone. Make a connection.
When you find yourself looking to someone else for answers, it’s time to stop and reflect. You have all the answers you need.
Do things because you truly feel powerful, not because others actions tell you. Stop trying to keep up.
Track when you feel awesome and when feel terrible. Notice what causes each. Stop the later. Enhance the former.
Be impeccably you. Boldness means pushing. Innovation’s messy. Enjoy it.
Ask why for everything. Don’t do anything without a good reason.
How do you want to feel when you accomplish a goal? We are after feelings, not check boxes. It’s the only way to really enjoy a victory.
Everything is progress.
This is not to get permission. Nothing is. The answer is yes. If you want it then do it.
Do what will make most money the fastest and then what makes most money. First think what can you make money from tomorrow. As that supports you, shift to what makes you most money over time.
It’s a risk. You could totally bomb. You could suck. But the fun makes it worth it.
Use your most precious gifts. Not just any gift. The most precious and uniquely yours.
The things you see as negative may turn out to be unique qualities. Own them
Your true purpose is to be ALIVE


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mama Couture

I was given this book by my husband and children for Mothers Day and it is written by an Australian writer by the name of Moya Kate. It is part pregnancy advice, which when you are past that stage you might want to lightly skim over those bits, but she is validating the making of that change from being a career woman to being a mum and then going back to find a happy medium.
I wrestle with this all the time and just having another woman write about it in such a funny way allows the sense of community in that this battle is not just mine.. The fashion industry yes is a funny monster all of it's own, but if you look at it from a different point of view it too has its opportunities to make a difference.
Moya gets political too on how woman, mothers are not validated in the workspace or the social system. Just imagine though when our load is a little lighter from having to be available for all minor and major things in our childrens lives on a day to day basis. Just how much we will be able to do in the world..
There is no greater force than a mothers love or her organisational skills either.. Planning food for a week for 4 people, investing in our passion, being a lover, teacher, carer and cleaner. All the while doing things that encourage the feeling of being a beautiful woman of the world.

I think we too believe in the underestimation and sometimes we just need to do things that allow us to realise just how much we have grown..

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Winter Personality

Well the bom has just advised us we are in for a long cold Winter.. It's hard to stay focused on gorgeous frocks and silks etc when we are about to enter a long cold winter.. But it allows you to play with your style personality as you can mish and mash things that you wouldn't normally do..
I have some caftans in the range that I am looking into making some long sleeve tops out of Bamboo to layer underneath it. I have my first range of tights coming out this weekend so that will open up potential for frocks to be worn with them.. Bamboo colours will be here soon in those as well.
But before you go shopping, take time to get to know your clothes, if you put away your seasonal clothes to make room in your wardrobe then lay out your winter wares from last year and be ruthless in assessing which are keepers and which just don't have the mojo to see out another season.. Also don't be afraid if the designs that you can't bare to let go of may just need a little splash of colour to bring them back to life.. Natural fibres are another plus for this reason they are the easiest thing to dye..
Always go for good cuts, they are easy to mix and match and they will have more potential to be appropriate for different occasions. Also too look at necklaces and bracelets as they are your opportunity to add a different personality to an outfit that you love. Change your tights style as well, detailed or prints (be careful too busy and it adds bulk) or some that are plain.. It can be the grounding factor to an outfit even though only a splash is seen.
Enjoy rugging up..

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

women in business

Where I am today and where I see myself going is not even thinkable without the amazing network of women I get to work with every month.
Stacey and Southbank Markets for both Young Designers and the Lifestyle market, she has been so enthusiastic about my developments in my business.. Emma from Red Revival for doing my funky brooches and being a beautiful person to work with. Minnie for teaching me how to sew 8 years ago and still comes in a critiques my work, love you..
My mother in law for giving me perspective, my mum for always checking in to see how I am going and if I am jumping hurdles.. My ever supportive friend Rachael for always putting things in perspective for me and being there.. The girls at Portside for being so encouraging and supportive and all the other women in fashion that share the excitement and the challenges of being in this trade.
And of course all the ladies who come and shop with me. Giving me feedback, support, encouragement and when I need it, criticism.
To the Etsy, BrisStyle team, the support through the emails and forums makes the world of business at home that little bit bigger..
Leonie at the Collective Store at Wynnum for being willing to think outside the square and starting an awesome shop in the middle of a town that is yet to find it's funky side.. Thanks for taking it in the right direction..
Vicki from Incub8r in the Valley for also being a hub for creative women, thanks for taking on that challenge and doing what it takes to make it a success.
So whether you think you make a difference whether it be big or small. For a woman in business it could be just the leverage they need to jump that next hurdle. So thank you, thank you, thank you..
Support Australian Designers..

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Wynnum Up Late Shopping night..

I know this is a wee way away but the amount of creative people working on it has just got me so excited I have to blab, now..

Firstly Leonie from the Collective store has a plethora of artists and designers wares in there, Kylie Gartside's amazing contemporary silver jewelry, kids clothing, wind and water designs and other fashion pieces and natural body products to mention just a few of the other 20 business women being represented in her store.

Each month Leonie features a new designer on her website that tells you a little bit more about their concept through to fruition..

There will be lots of other local shops open late including, Mason and Daughter, Papertrenz and lots of other little stores that will have lanterns out to indicate they are open for business..

There will be a suitcase rummage down the alley way to Mason and Daughter, a footpath Fashion Parade and other little special events happening in Bay Terrace and Edith St. on the 16th of June, 2011..

There will champagne and nibbles out and about at certain shops and it will definitely be a night filled with lots of beautiful wares made by talented people.. See you there..!/pages/Wynnum-Up-Late/216591298355078

Monday, April 18, 2011

Stone and Metal.

Ok so I stumbled across this store in Arthur St in the Valley, I think about 5 months ago. What pulled me in was this black onyx faceted bracelet with a sold silver skull on it. Now this bracelet always gets a great reaction from people some positive and some quite confronting, so therefore I love it..

It is run by a beautiful lady named Sam who just happens to have a child at the same school as my son's, great coincidence.. She also has this insane chair made out of horns and cow skin that makes it just an amazing piece of work that is also functional..

There are many artisans with their jewelry in there and the price points are insane reasonable.. They are unique and diverse, I love going in there to see which piece I can lust after next. So if it is for a special event or someone, or just because it is time for a treat, go and see what little gems are on offer..

Stone and Metal..

Arthur St,
Fortitude Valley, Brisbane..

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Streamline Luggage

I have a love of vintage luggage or bags. I don't know why they just make me feel, magical.. So I have been on this endless search to find someone who made just the stuff and didn't live in England and not post outside of their country. Frustrating..

So I was watching this modern French movie the other day and I saw it, so I thought I would google the movie and the luggage used in it and voila. I found them.. is the website you need to get to to find some amazingly gorgeous and user friendly luggage.. Hopefully they have the forethought like Spencer and Rutherford who supply you with a plastic fitted bag that goes over you luggage to protect it in the airplane and also stops you having to use all that plastic in the airport.

I think if you collect a few pieces here and there they make a great investment piece. Like anything you love, you don't have to say no to them just pick your moment to spend time with them.

Golden find, share with only your closest girlfriends as we don't want them to become too popular..

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Designer Brisbane - the Loft

I put my hat in the ring for being the fashion blogger for Broadway on the mall and as such I had to go in there and interview shops to get their perspective on their shops ethos...
I found awesome shops in there on the second and top floor. A bit of a maze to get around it all but still a little adventure if you have the time to let it unfold.

Natalie Denning is a machine, she has the Loft - ladies wear, Dirtbox menswear and Bessie head. Her collection of designs in all her shops are so desireable you want to sell your house and use all your capital to have those clothes. But to be honest unless you go there when there is a sale I don't see how the average person who wants a little something new regularly would be able to go there regularly. On and off over a year maybe 2 or 3 times maybe but not exceptionally regular. So put your name down on their mailing list and run to them when they have a sale on. Rachel Gilbert is so my favourite designer right now, that woman has it all covered and if she isn't the next big thing from Australia then that would only be a crime..

I could rattle about these shops as they are a big step in style for Brisbane. Including on the ground floor where Scotch and Soda are, it is like walking into a big warm walk in wardrobe with all your favourites in there. There are staples in such cool fabrics and colours and mostly natural fibres. Hurry with them though they are moving away from those as their main port of call which I hope they don't go too far down that track.. Divine pieces, a step out of the usual for you staples. Men and Women can shop in there side by side and come out feeling that retail satisfaction.. Most of their designs are pretty reasonable but some are definitely up there.

The rest of the Broadway Mall well, it goes from this high end to well Just Jeans and this discount store that has mainly synthetics and so many copies of each you would be afraid to buy anything in fear of being a carbon copy of the cheap and nasty. Sorry have to be brutal here, even though I liked some pieces the fabric was cheap and there were too many of the same thing there..

This is where my label and other hand made and local designers, I feel fills a need, that middle road fashion. Awesome uniqueness without insane prices to be different.. There are some amazing designers at local handmade markets like Etsy sellers at Bris Style events, soon to Laneway markets on the first Saturday of the month in Winn Lane where the Flamingo Cafe is. Also at places like Portside Markets (2nd and 4th Sunday) and of course the Young Designer Markets on the first Sunday of each month. So support the little guys and be unique, it will be easier on your wallet and give you diversity that isn't always available in stores..

Then from the money you save from shopping there you can go to Bessie Head and Scotch and Soda and be decadent for a day and not feel guilty..

Make your dollar and your style count..

Monday, April 4, 2011

Shoe Fettish

Ok so how is this for serendipity. I love a good shoe like any hot blooded woman so when I came across this website mentioned by my crafty neighbour Emma from Red Revival at YDM on the weekend well...... It's Tuesday and I have woken from drool coma..

How I love thee, like Dorothy, except instead of just in red they come in all assortment of colours..
So I have made contact with the lovely and am in negotiations with getting a collection over to use in my upcoming photo shoots and fashion parades which will be a plenty this year.. In between liasing with students in photography and make-up etc. lovely customers who rock my range like a trooper.

Things will be getting so down right funky you just won't be able to look away.. As I always do vintage designs and I favour the 70's it seems like a perfect match.

Yes they have a price tag on them to deep breath through but you know what! All this fast consumerism is doing my head in. Give me a piece that makes me glide through the air as I go from shop to shop, meeting to meeting and I will show you a successful woman, a happy wife and a loving mum.. All is bliss when you step out on the right foot..

check them out.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sizing it all up

Just been reading the Satorialist looking for some inspiration on what the international people are doing.. Which he never disappoints.
When I was scrolling down I came upon his writing on this woman that he had thought to describe as curvy. At first I couldn't pick which women he was talking about, she is wearing black in the second shot and then the denim in the first, yes I was coming from the bottom of the page. Both times she is wearing wedges which helps give her balance to her so called extra weight.. He got some backlash by calling her curvy, which she is a little curvy, in a healthy and ever so slight way.
What we fail to realise is that each era, each time frame of fashion and society has a way which has an acceptable way to look. Victorian era, Rubenesque, 50's, 60's, and now.. It's just today we have so many ways that is acceptable it is our time now to discover who and how we want to be and sometimes that freedom can be overwhelming.. Though I find that we are quick to judge and chastise those who are fearful of or need to label who a person is.
Do you need to fit a mould?
Does that determine who you are and want to be?
I think time and emotion are wasted on what is deemed pretty or desirable. When being in the moment, enjoying the people you have and following a passion or two, is something that will liberate yourself and every woman you come by..
The corset was thrown away a long time ago I just think at times we still are settling into that freedom..

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Happy in my skin

I have just been to Bangkok for a recent buying trip for fabrics for my range.. This gave me a great opportunity to look at the world of fashion as a customer.. Trying on 8 pairs of jeans to almost walk out in vein, I was so sure that this shop was my kind of place, then as I left I saw them, the one's. Stretch cotton, oh yeah, skinny leg but not too low cut, little split on the side, divine, please oh please fit.. Winner..

What became apparent to me is that what I offer in my range is quite unique and diverse.. I found it so hard to find a pair of pants that suited my voluptuousness, let's face it no matter how much weight I loose I have thighs and a booty. Thus I came to the conclusion, I love who I am and how I look. My thighs carry me to the places I need to go, my booty well that is part of me, I am a woman.. I have a daughter and therefore a responsibility to teach her the positives about body image.. So my range suits my lifestyle, I don't think I am unique, so therefore I think it fits most...

I eat my salads, I grill my fish but I enjoy my chocolate and my other little treats. Sweets are like a moment when timed right hold such a great, fun memory, I am still raving about the Tiramisu I had in Bangkok..

So I design for a woman's figure, arms, boobs, booty and height, to create designs that give the freedom to look glam whilst being efficient.. I look at my range with love and pride knowing that what I do in my small way allows women to walk in the world with that little bit more confidence.. I know when I wear my clothes I know I am at my best, I hope that what the clothes do for you is that and just a little bit more..

Today in the markets I saw the light shine in ladies faces as they stepped out of the change room to see their reflection, and love it.. I think I took that a little for granted for a while but I am humbled today by women of all shapes and sizes finding their happy place..

Thank you..

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Websites Inspiring Me..

The world is an amazing place with so many awesome people making beautiful things to inspire us, to make our lives easier and to create the sense of openess that no matter where we live the opportunities are created equal for all..

I have been researching cool things in New York and the US really and a few in the UK.. So here we go in checking them out..

This website, below, does man bags on a whole new level, I want one. They are cool and practical. The goal to shopping well is buying something of high quality that you know will last. Then you are adding to your collection of goodies instead of being in the throw away society..

This site does amazing jackets for guys..

I know so far guys things but hey, nothing is a better than having your man looking hot by your side. Plus imagine your pooled potential when you are both looking smokin and feeling good about yourselves. No limits..

Also for just a look in on what is happening in New York Fashion week which is on right now. Check out

They are all over it..

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The thoughtful Dresser

On the weekend I was hanging with Rachael, and she came across this article in a fashion mag, just a small corner that wrote about this woman's book. I thought what an amazing title so I googled her and the review in the London Age was amazing so I bought it and have been studying it all week.

Not only is this book about history, back to the 1800's but it is about how women and men coped with life during some of the hardest times in history..

Eg. A madame was captured in northern France for harbouring allies and was sent to Ravensbruick concentration camp, whilst inside she befriended a lady who worked for Schiaperelli design house. Thus when she was eventually set free her striped uniform had been contoured to fit her elegantly so even though she wore it, it didn't wear her..

Hairdressing salons still operated with minimal supplies to keep women's hair coiffed during and after the war. Just the act of having their hair washed and dried and set gave that woman the strength to go on to get life back to normal. After the mass rape of women in Berlin, women walked 12miles and came to a village, the hair dresser had 1 mirror and 1 hairdryer, he set about to wash their hair numerous times to get all the mud out of their hair. Though when he was finished those women had something of themselves back.

In times of travail it is known that the concept of fashion has helped society move on, rebuild and renew.. There are many examples of such stories in this book. It validates that the human spirit finds something of itself liberated through this individual form of self expression and distraction. There is more to fashion than what is portrayed in magazines etc, it is food for the soul, the desire to be a woman is always strong.

The first department store was the first step towards women becoming independent, without necessarily needed a chaperone. Women's public places were now beauty salons and department stores. Working women were put into proximity to nice things, perfumes, nice clothes etc which got them away from just domestic service. This was one of the many stepping stones to eventually allow women to vote..

So this book proves on paper that fashion has a very important place in life.. A tool for rebellion, liberation, expression and therapy.

There are many inspirational thoughts about fashion in this book I am sure I will drawing from it inspiration for many topics to come..

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Men's style

Went to Cha Cha Grill last night for dinner. To support this restaurant that lost their other restaurant at Southbank, Jelly Fish due to the floods, and to have a nice night out together..

Now I can't help myself when I am out I am always looking at people who are dressing for an occasion to see what I would add, take away or just flat out redo.

To my surprise, I saw not one, not two but about 5 men at all different tables wearing a tee shirt to dinner. With a Jacket to accompany it, NO, with a vest to jazz it up a bit NO. Just a tee shirt and jeans. Jeans I understand can be worn and smartened up for a dinner night on a Sunday but not with a tee, no matter how designer it is..

So I thought maybe they just need a little advice on how to step in the right direction. I have been studying men's styling in my course this past two weeks and just like the ladies there are staples that men should have in their wardrobe. Here is the list.

Black dress shirt - seriously timeless and so smart on any man...

A white tee, go for quality here not quantity, it will show in the wear.. Great with jeans and under vests, sweaters.

A good scarf - a man can look so European and suave in the right one. Remember short neck small scarf, long neck and tall, this scarf. Same rules as women guys, elongate or play..

A good leather belt - again quality nothing too blingy otherwise it will only work in certain occasions.

White dress shirt - it can be printed lightly or embossed if you don't want to be too washed out with it but remember you guys can accessorise as well. Let it work with your personality.. Just a little bit of styling will make you look more successful and feel it. Fake it till you make it.

Cashmere sweater - I know it sounds a bit over the top but seriously men look hot in a light weight sweater. This will keep you warm but not add bulk. You need one only so pick a colour that suits your eyes and skin colour, everything else will just fall into place.

Jeans - I mean a good pair, not one that has all detailed stitching that will date easily enough. One that suits your body type, remember short leg where straight legged or a slight flared if you have a bit going on in the trunk. Tall well you can wear anything you like, even a slight flare would be fun for you too. Remember a good weight denim will soften after washes. It should be slightly tight when you buy it but not so much so you have to breathe in.. If you are carrying some extra weight see if you can also find jeans that have a bit of a wide waistband. It will pull you in a bit and avoid the over hang, not a good look.

Black socks - cotton, just do it. They will last longer and be cooler. Buy 3 sets of the same at one time so the washing doesn't undo all your good preparation..

Shoes - a good ankle boot in a nice soft leather is a must.. Black dress shoes, pointy ones are for the tall people, it draws too much attention to your feet as your legs won't balance out that look. I think a good leather sandal as well, our weather is warm and you can never go wrong with them. Just make sure you wear them with a nice pair of loose fit Linen pants. That is such an awesome look, cool, casual, smart and able to walk into any establishment and fit right in..

Cargo pants - I am only mentioning them cause I know people are going to have them. So if you are this is the rule of thumb. If you are short don't have one's with too many pockets. They will make you look wide and short. Pockets on the back and front are fine. But if you must have pockets on the legs, make sure they are tight to the pant and don't USE them. Not at all. Keep all your things in your front and back pockets... Again, a tailored pant would be much more appealing and unless you are going to work in them, they would suit any occasion.

Ironing tip; Iron your smallest part of your garment first then work up to the bigger panels. A. you don't forget the smaller pieces and B. you don't crease the bigger panels trying to get to the smaller ones..

There are more staples you need like coats and suits but I will cover that another day as that is not a light topic either..

Step it up guys. Impress your lady and invest in yourself. You are totally worth it..

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Autumn Colour Wheel

If you are a lady in this colour wheel there are 3 different shades to this colour wheel but I am just going to stay on the middle road and explain how you can elaborate here and there when you wish..

So, in regards to hair colour they tend to be a copper red to a neutral beige.. The skin colour tends to be warm, so olive with a bit of sunshine add to it, otherwise can be white without. So with the varying hair and skin tone just remember, paler skin vie away from stronger bright options of your colour wheel think more Winter options, dark but with colour. Whereas those with more olive in the complexion go for the muted Autumn colours which are listed below.

So for your colour options to wear they are easy to remember, just think of the colours of Autumn leaves (Canadian style), all those earthy tones but in a variety of colours. Go for muted and warmth when you are looking at the colours of Burgandy, Green, Camel, Orange, Beige, Tan, some teal blue, greys are great for you, the lighter version though. Always think golden undertone when you are thinking of these colours.. These colours are easily available as most of your stock staple colours can be found in the basics from most designers.

To give you more of a visual, an example of your Autumns are Elle McPherson, Terri Hatcher, Keira Knightly, Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce.. I know you may think there is a varied comparison in there but look at them online and you will see that they have a golden undertone to their complexion.. They will glow with a bit of orange added for blush as they need that bit of colour to enhance what is just below the surface.

Your eyes are generally light brown to green with a tinge of grey in there in some cases.. On rare occassions there will be blue Autumns but there will be a bit of grey in there.. The hair may have started off light as a child but has darkened with age.. Just remember there is that tinge of Orange in your colouring, at the base of your hair colouring tending towards orange/red - to light blond. I am hoping you are getting my colour wheel explanations, read it over a few times and you will get it.. Just look at the people I have recommended and it will make more sense to you especially if some of the traits relate to you.

Points to remember - look for colours with a warm undertone, that will match the tone of your complexion. Avoid clear and bright colours instead go for earthy and warm.. Black and white won't suit you, so go for makeup that will add some colour and match the black instead with cream or taupes or beige.. Navy, olives, golden brown and warm greys work very well for complete outfits.

My daughter has these eyes, the blue with a tinge of grey around the edge almost purple and fits this colour wheel perfectly. Greys just pop on her and she wears lots of oranges and reds, greens and blues.. She wears her blacks on her bottom and sometimes we get the warmer toned pinks in there.. She is an earthy girl in her colour options.. I love watching how the colours she wears that are so different to mine but just give her that glow that is just beautiful to admire..

Even if you change just one colour in your wardrobe that is a safe way to change your comfort zones with the colours you can play with. Colours help bring out that latent beauty so even if you start with your eye shadows take baby steps will get you there..