Sunday, March 25, 2012

Update your wardrobe

Now that we are getting into a new season it is about pulling together all different looks. I love revamping my wardrobe with the simple things, a new bracelet, new scarves hello mountain of already existing one's or a pop of the new season colour. Or even more mundane is replacing a staple piece in a new colour to spice up the combo's.
The one thing, or one of the things that the GFC has been good for is to slow down this over the top spending. Pausing before you buy is a good thing, even having too many clothes can cause stress on some level. So window shop to your hearts desire and then when you see that piece that just makes you loose all common sense you will know that that will have many seasons with you.
I am loving the chunky bracelets at the moment, a good place to go in the Valley is Stone and Metal, she has amazing jewelry at great prices. It's like the Collective Store of metal artists of silver and gold and semi precious stones. They are having a Marie Clare Up Late in the Valley on the 29th and so is our own little Collective Store at Wynnum. So dust off you bunny tails and get in some Easter retail therapy before the school holiday boom hits.