Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Feel good exercise

Being a modern woman balancing being a wife and a mum, my two most important roles, I also need to be a business woman as that allows me to share and be me in the world..
There are a lot of lonely times within that especially with modern business being through the web, don't get me wrong I love it and I have free time to help at my kids schools without too much hassle.. But in those times between 9-2.50 Monday to Friday when I am not doing that I have to stay disciplined to keep my mind positive.. We all work on that at different degrees..
So one thing I really love doing when I am out and about is that if I see a woman who has put some effort into her outfit and she is totally cool with it all. I like to take the time to say something positive but simple like "I love your frock, it looks so good on you!". Sometimes it hits the floor but that is only once out of 100. It makes me feel good seeing some shine for a moment at the fact a perfect stranger has noticed her and I love seeing women making that effort to look amazing and chic..
It's not about hunting down a woman but if you notice someone just make the extra effort to say something so that she knows you noticed.. You never know what change you could make in that persons day, but you will always recognise that that little effort for such a smile in return is so totally worth it..
We don't have to stop poverty or feed every child in the world or rescue every animal every day to feel good, we could, in the meantime, make a woman feel amazing..
You are totally and always worth it..