Thursday, September 15, 2011

Brisbane Festival on right now..

Ok so not to mention the amazing venues like Powerhouse Museum and Southbank and the Metro Arts all having amazing gigs and performances on.. The Powerhouse has built this temporary stage which is so New York I am going to see anything that is performing there...

Here is their website to get the lowdown and plan your month as it is happening all September, well almost. There is insane light shows at Southbank every night, Santos City of Lights.. There is a light exhibition there as well that you walk through - Liquid Interactive Light Scope.. There is an amazing funk circus performance on at the Powerhouse tonight at that magical stage, Petit Mal.. I want to split myself in two and go all over..

It is art and creative performance of local and international talent at a high calibre. So give them some of your valuable time and have an awesome day or night out..

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Trunks anyone!!!

One day I dream of having my own little range of divine ports that will see you through any adventure.. Yes I smell it now, exquisite leathers, lining that you wish you had a matching skirt made from... Little wallets that are easily removed that hold your makeup brushes or nail kit or something you love doing while you are on a flight.. Drawing pencils ah sketching and designing your future..
My inspiration on how to design and manufacture these ports are coming from this amazing book out right now, I am slowly making my way through it, it is the history of LV 100 Legendary trunks.. The opening line reads 'The 19th century belonged to the explorers, the archeologists and the adventurers. Governments endorsed this kind of travel either for Colonial or evangelization reason or as it goes on to mention to establish power.. These travelers did not want to go without their comforts and the intelligence of Louis Vuitton was to talk to his clients and find out what their needs were and design each of these trunks to satisfy all purposes.. He did ground breaking designs with materials that weren't even conceived then.. It is, I believe, the reason it has become such a revered label, where others stumbled he set standards..

Now I know today we have all our creature comforts wherever we go as it is just in transit that we require the comfort of our possessions and the ability to access them without all our things falling on the floor of the airport.. But also we want an effortless style.
But in the meantime read an amazing story of a great designer and inventor for the lifestyle of adventurers.. The pictures themselves are just so delicious you could just imagine how people traveled in those days..

Sunday, September 4, 2011

The origins of Lipgloss

We had our photoshoot recently for MX mag and Steve the photographer asked a great question.. When was lipgloss invented, as one of us pulled one out during the shoot..
I had no idea and so I thought that would be a great thing to investigate..
Max Factor did a lot for makeup for the masses and they started out in the world of film.. So they had all these tricks to make the star look amazing and surreal.. So in 1930 lipgloss was first used in the black and white films to emphasise the presence of the leading lady.. By 1932 it was available to the masses and the original formula was used up until 2003 till the product was retired..
In 1973, Bonne Bell, released the first flavoured lipgloss called Lipsmackers.. mmmmmmm
It's marketing was a line of making sure that when you got your first kiss that is was something for him to remember..
In 2009 a UK beauty company sold it's lipgloss with a date rape drug detector with it. How we change within half a century...
Not only that you can get lipgloss that makes your lips look bigger.????
There's also a great book called 'two lipsticks and a lover" by Helena Frith-Powell. Read about her she is fun and I love the sense of adventure she has with covering this topic.
It's a great book on how French women dress and one of their golden rules is they always, always leave the house with lipstick on. But if you feel that is too much for you every day, fall back on the trusty lipgloss which adds a soft touch of colour and shine.. I have them everywhere, both lipsticks and glosses, in this case a little effort goes a long way..