Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sands in the Hourglass body type;

This shape is all about balance, balance of the top and bottom and working the waistline.. Your goal is to bring the eyes focus to the areas of the body you are happy with and away from the parts that you are not.
Working with the bust first a good wrap top or frock flatters this part of you as the fabric is not just falling across the body it has a direction to go around the body. A vneck, is also good, especially in a cowl or with some details, i.e. the ruffle top in the range, it instantly compliments the busts.. Don't go for too bulky a fabric though you want more streamline fabrics, not voiles, but fabric that has a bit of body but not the bulk.. Cotton/spandex is so good for you, you should have a good relationship with this fabric as it will pull you and give you support where your body needs it. Hence that is why the rolldown pants, Grace pants and aline skirts all of which are made in cotton/spandex works for your shape.. Try and keep you bottoms plain and your tops detailed not too busy a print but if you are going to wear a print that is where I would place it...
Sleeves on your tops should be a little detailed with a slight puff or go for a 3/4 or fluted sleeve as this will make sure that the attention is on the vertical neckline. Try and avoid batwing as this will just bring way too much attention up top and not really show off your waist, and that is key gift on the way to your face..
A good little cardi or wrap will always work in your favour especially if you buy a really light fabric frock because you just had to have. So that will allow you to bend the rules a bit with the fabrics that you were near your face.. Pending on your colour palette, that is a whole new matter to take into account when you are restyling yourself..
When it comes to frocks what you want to do is elongate the waist line so something that lifts the boobs and maybe wraps around the waist to define it will be a winning frock for you..
Tees with puff sleeves and a boat neck is awesome for you, as the sleeve will focus on your neck which in itself will draw the eye up to your face.. That is the end goal, because when they reach that end that is when the chatting starts.. Crop jackets are awesome for you, or if it is a blazer make sure it is double buttoned so it gives the perception of a long waist.. a 3/4 sleeve is also good in the jacket as your wrists fall at your waistline and with some key bracelets or clasps that will help define your waist again..
Skirts that are good for you are pencil, above the knee or high waisted, just think that lovely red head in Mad Men.. She is all over the hourglass and never steps out of line of being awesome.. Cotton/spandex in this is going to do you more favours than any other fabric..
Cowl neck frocks and tops also do you justice, especially if you belt it and the fabric is of the right weight..
Dress your killer curves as you only have to define the waist and that is an easy thing to remember.. Don't go too short, but don't do too long either.. It doesn't have to be clingy but er on the side of being a closer fit than a looser.. Enjoy and have fun with this info. Remember we are all not black and white so just look at your shape and see if you may be different body types on top to your bottom..

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Body Types - Pear

The pear body type is a common one, I find that that people can be a blend of two body types one for the top and one for the bottom. This is easy to understand once we have covered all the body types and the way to identify them..
Ways to identify the Pear shape is to take the measurements of the thighs and hips this will be the larger number of all your measurements. Then next down in measurements will be the bust, then the waist will be smaller again.. The pear will tend to have a flat tummy, a longer waist and heavier legs..
The goals for the Pear is to balance the overall look, you need to create a look that makes the eye go up and flatter the hips.. A great cut on the bottom is a good aline skirt, the Grace pants as the wide band tends to flatter the waist while showing off just a tad of the bottom and hiding the thighs. So the wide leg pant looks great on this shape. Usually a length of skirt is to be below the knee or wearing with tights go above the knee..
Tops with a drop neckline, not high at all unless it is a good button down top that creates the open vneck.. A little detail on the top would be awesome for this shape as it will draw the eyes up..
The strapless look is good on this shape and if your arms are not up for it then wear a nice bolero or wrap with it so that it still keeps the neck line open.. So your tops should be where your attention is going to be drawn to. Go for statement necklaces to make up for tops that have no detail..
Remember any woman no matter what size you are always looks amazing showing off your neckline...
Where crop jackets as it will show off your waist line, also clinched in waist dresses are also great for your shape as it will do you favours there. Be bold with your choices in jacket as you want to create the attention on the top half..
Coats should be worn open to create that vertical line, or wear strapped with a belt on the waist so it still creates an opening and thus giving you a vertical line..
Tops you can almost wear any kind of neck line, just make sure the length of your top is not too long as we want it to finish near the waistline to accentuate that part of you..
Dresses should be either strapless or an empire line with an a-line from the bust or hips down.. Depending on your bust choose which cut of dress flatters you.. Remember if you find you are bit of two body types work out which part of you fits which body type and dress for that type..
In the pants and skirts department go for fabrics that have a little bit of spandex in them as this will show off shape near your waist, you best part and still hold a nice line from your hips down..
So have fun with your tops and find some staples with your bottoms and you will have a lot of fun redefining your look.. Start with baby steps and then get really playful.. Hope this helps..
Designs to look at, Grace Pants, ruffle top, cowl neck top, corset dress

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Body Types - Apple

Ok I am going to start with Apple as that is my shape and I have a good insight into this one.. First how to determine if you fit this profile the easiest way to work this out is to measure yourself. So if your bust and hips are pretty close in measurement and there isn't too much difference in those for your waist.. Then you are an Apple. You will find that your neckline and your legs are you assets and the point of focus that you should look to enhance in your clothing choices..

Now these are just guidelines, everyone is different both in lifestyle and personality so play with it and make the data fit you and not the other way round.. Also stop and take a moment to see whether fear is stopping you from stepping out and changing your wardrobe just a little more dramatically than you would. I always buy something out there and leave it in my wardrobe till I feel comfortable enough from looking at it enough that I can bring myself to wear. Also cause I have visualised how I can wear it, thus making sure I have what I need to make that piece work for me..

Make sure you blend up wearing plains and prints so that you can define a top and bottom, giving you a silhouette.. Start with good lingerie because if everything is being held in its proper place underneath then everything you put on top is going to look awesome just because your anatomy is where is meant to be..

Ok so we want to create a waist cause we don't really have one naturally. So wide belts or work upwards and accentuate the empire line, under the bra.. Vneck line tops or wrap tops are great, boat neck tops are also good as any woman no matter what size can show off their neck and it immediately adds some pizazz.. If you are going to wear a tee make sure it is long enough and also with some detail in the front, no clinging necessary.. Also loose tops belted with a wide belt with a straight leg or narrow leg pant will show off the leg and define a waist..

Jackets that are tailored and nip in the waist are also great for this shape. No capes or swing jackets, its all about showing shape on the top and showing the legs either by an above the knee length in skirts and frocks or pants that show of the shape of your leg. Remember there is no need to cling, dress for your age and occasion..

Work with this and have a play. Don't take it too seriously and step outside your comfort zone..