Thursday, February 14, 2013

Hello 2013

It's been a while since I wrote in my blog so I thought I would start as I enter into my second year of Uni.  

Life has taken me on an interesting trip last year and my love for my designs has evolved and I see it's place in my life as a source of creativity and also with helping in the community.  

I love it that I help women feel better and I also now get to be home more for my family as I was putting them to the side while I tried to make Wind and Water this raving success.  Then I sat with it and thought, how I want to feel with my business is of service.  To feel that I am contributing to the whole but not necessarily the only.  

So now I work less but think more about what I am to design.  How it fits into my wardrobe and flatters my body.  I don't want to be a major consumer or contributor to that lifestyle.  Just enough.  That's where I am at with it.  Hence the smaller production line, the little bit of this and that.  Talking and helping women feel confident with their choices, so not that one, when necessary.  

I figure my life will turn out how I want to feel within it, rather what I think society expects of me.  As long as I do what's good for me and those around me I figure life will be good, people in general will be happy and I can focus on the good things in life.

Stand up paddle boarding, designing, cooking, VLS on Friday nights with my hubby on the deck watching the kids and walking my dog cause he is getting a little bit too much loving in the kitchen.

It's all about the way we feel, that makes life turn out for the better.  

check out Danielle LaPorte, she's Canadian, crazy and so right..