Sunday, June 3, 2012

Cleaning your wardrobe part 1

I promise I will get together to do a little you tube video of this so you can see what I am talking about but this will give you study material to work with.

Through the past few style consultations I have done there is one theme that stands out. Everyone keeps their work clothes with their everything else clothes. Now if you love your job and you wear anything you like and wear your casual smart clothes to work then this isn't going to be such a big do, but keeping your work specific clothes seperate is an easy way to start on your wardrobe. Also take notes on clothes that you don't wear due to it needing repairs. Get onto those, either sweet talk some lovely person in your life with cake and tea and a chat while they do your repairs, make it fun or bundle it into a deal for a local sewer maybe semi retired. If you love it fix it, if you don't then throw it, take note what you paired it with and keep an eye out for a replacement next shop. Put a note in your wallet so you remember.

Ok that's it for today, each little step will get you feeling more confident in what you shop for and wear. You will also save money and time when you know what you have and need.

Happy Monday.


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