Monday, April 29, 2013

Fashion is just an extension of your inner awesomeness.

Sometimes we don't realise how courageous we are every day for the decisions we make and the avenues we take.  But it is more for others and automatic for some.  University has been a major decision that sometimes I do question but I am almost at the half way mark and I am glad I have stuck with it as I am changing my destiny.  But it doesn't have to be so epic a decision as we make little changes to our lives we change the outcome to our day.  The YouTube video I have attached is about a man name Mister Rogers who passed away in 2009 from stomach cancer but had dedicated his life to showing people the good in life.
I do hope you take time to watch it as I feel watching him reminds me of the good in the world and the way we can be as we bring out the good in ourselves and others when we follow our dreams.
How this relates to fashion?  When we feel good about ourselves what we put on every day reflects that, not trends.  What I have found from selling fashion for 11 years is that everyone makes my designs their own.  As it is everyone's unique way of thinking that brings about the essence of what their style means to them.  So if you feel good throughout whatever means gets you there, you will always look fashionable, always look beautiful, always do your best.
Fashion is the means of bringing what is inside out.
Love you awesome nerds.  (Pitch Perfect, 2012)  if you haven't seen it, go get it out and have a giggle fest and try and sit still in your seat..
 (I had to write this blog twice and I think the 2nd go round I just made it that little bit better.  Enjoy)
Irene Pollak
humble servant.

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